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Doctor tells women to DUMP men who diss their vaginal odour, claims it’s abuse

Not all heroes wear capes, ladies.

By Ellie McDonald
The things we love about Dr Jen Gunter is her no-BS approach to health and wellness (namely her ability to shutdown Gwyneth Paltrow's goop claims faster than you can say psychic vampire repellent…)
This time, she's using her medical prowess to takedown those who bag out women for how the smell down there.
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As reported by The Independent in the UK, Canadian gynaecologist Dr Jen says that it's perfectly normal for a woman's vagina to have a smell. Not only that, but if a woman's partner suggests she tries a female hygiene product to eradicate said-smell, she should swiftly kick them to kerb.
"If you think you have a medical condition, see a doctor," Dr Jen explains.
"If your partner insinuates that an artificial smell is preferable to the smell of a normal vagina they are the one who has an issue."
So, why is Dr Jen now lashing out at these out-of-touch men? Because in her own experience, she is seeing more and more women using products like Vicks VapoRub to "cleanse" their vaginas.
"Telling women how they can be better is a classic way of tapping into body image issues and honestly in my personal opinion it is a form of abuse," she continues.
"The vagina needs no cleaning and the vulva needs very little."
However, as Dr Dasha Fielder of Sapphire Family Medical Practice, it's important to recognise if your vagina smells a little less-than-pleasant.
"Physiological discharge should not have unpleasant smell," says Dr Fielder.
"If you have unusual smell it might be a sign of infection. It is best to discuss it with your doctor as soon as possible and have appropriate testing and treatment."