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5 famous fitness workouts from around the world you can now do in Australia

Work it out like your fave celebs!

Your best chance of getting and staying fit is to find an exercise programme you love. So try a few until you find your match – you can change it up as your fitness improves.
If you're in need of some #fitspo, then here are some popular classes that fitness lovers around the world are flocking to.
Most of these workouts can now be found in Australia - so get moving!

1. Barre

Making like a ballerina has become a big hit, with celeb followers such as model Chrissy Teigen singing its praises. The original method – a combination of barre and rehabilitation therapy exercises – was introduced in London by Lotte Berk, a German dancer.
It has since evolved to be a mix of ballet, Pilates and yoga aimed at toning your body, strengthening your core and improving your posture.
You can now find Barre classes right across Australia. Try Barre Body.

2. Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp started in Los Angeles, and is a high-intensity workout designed to tone muscles, burn calories and push you to your limit. Kim Kardashian is a big enthusiast.
Barry's Bootcamp focuses on cardio and strength interval training with two main workouts. The original workout is 25 minutes of cardio training on a treadmill and 25 minutes of floor-based strength training. Double Floor training focuses solely on strength exercises.
Barry's Bootcamp classes are coming to Australia soon!

3. SoulCycle

Originally started in New York, SoulCycle is an intense cycling class that combines cardio and strength training. It's a group class with an instructor pushing you to cycle harder, faster and stronger.
Classes are held in dark rooms with loud music to encourage you to let go, have fun and feel the energy and adrenaline coursing through you. It's also one of the most popular workouts for celebrities – Nicole Kidman and Lea Michele are both fans.
While SoulCycle is yet to find a home here in Australia, there are certain spin classes down under with a SoulCycle vibe.
Nicole Kidman is a fan of SoulCycle classes - perhaps that's how she maintains her trim figure!

4. Animal Flow

Feel the call of the wild with Animal Flow. Developed by American fitness instructor Mike Fitch, the programme involves floor-based exercises that have you mostly on all fours like an animal and purely using your body weight as resistance.
These primal movements will work muscles you never knew you had and increase tone and strength.
Virgin Active gyms have Animal Flow classes.

5. Pound

Release your inner rock star! Created in the US by two women who were recreational drummers and former athletes, the Pound workout uses Ripstix – lightly weighted drumsticks – for a cardio jam inspired by the sweat-dripping action of playing the drums.
Crunch Fitness offers Pound classes.

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