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How to enjoy an entire five-day international holiday for less than $900

Including flights, food and accommodation.

By Holly Royce
Money is one of the biggest deterrents when it comes to booking a holiday for many Australians.
We're all looking for cheap flights, but we forget to factor in costs like food, transportation and accommodation. It's these little things that can turn what you thought was a budget holiday into a budget nightmare.
Well, it turns out that you can enjoy a five-day tropical holiday factoring in both flights and common amenities (food, accommodation and travel) for less than $900.
New research from Skyscanner reveals that a trip to Kaula Lumpur as the best value holiday destination for Aussies with a total cost of just $867.

And this is the best time to book flights

Great news if you’re not fussy about when you travel this year, you’re one of the lucky ones who can book at the right time and save yourself a few (hundred) dollars.
So when exactly is that right time?
Well, travel search engine Skyscanner has done the groundwork – analysing fares to 20 popular destinations from the last two years to determine patterns of when you’ll score the best deal. The site found out you should book your annual leave…
~ During the cheapest months of May and November, as you’ll 10 per cent on your average travel bill.
~ To get the best deal flying from Sydney to London, book up to 25 weeks in advance. If you’re travelling from Brisbane, you only need to book 21 weeks out to get the best deal.
~ Melbourne to Bali is best booked only 11 weeks out.
~ Perth to Auckland? A mere 16 weeks before flying will keep your budget in check.
~ No surprises here but December is going to send you broke for travel, with costs up 26% so if you do want to head home for Chrissy, it’s best to book as far out as possible.