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Karl Lagerfeld speaks out against Photoshop

Karl Lagerfeld speaks out against Photoshop

During an interview with actress and friend Jessica Chastain at the Lincoln Centre in New York City, the 80-year-old designer said he thought models often looked lifeless once they had been airbrushed. “We are easily in a period of over-retouching,” he said. “Some models end up looking as if they are coming out of a […]
An amazing Photoshop transformation.

Video shows amazing Photoshop transformation

The clip, posted on GlobalDemocracy.com, shows a blonde model arriving at a photo shoot bare-faced and with un-styled hair. The studio’s lighting is then switched on, making the model look slimmer, before a hair and makeup artist works her magic, adding lashings of cosmetics and a hairpiece, dramatically altering the model’s appearance. The photo is […]
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