Within two years, the royal Fab Four revolutionised the Monarchy - it's only now that we understand why

The infamous alliance is changing for good.

By Jess Pullar
They do say all good things come to an end, and in the case of the royal Fab Four, the feat couldn't ring any truer.
Indeed the dream quad known as Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Prince William have provided us with ample opportunities to revel in their various appearances together.
Seriously, if this lot were in high school, they would 100 per cent be the group we would very much like to sit with.
The foursome themselves are an undeniable dream team solely for their varied celebrity profiles. But under the surface, their collaboration goes a lot deeper.
With the world literally tuning into their every move, big and small, any time these four stepped out together they were guaranteed exposure, and with that, an opportunity to make something great from it.
Partaking in various charitable initiatives in their own right, the royals themselves are champions of some great causes serving the greater good.
But united? They could truly conquer the world.
A dream team if we ever saw one. (Getty)
And conquer they did.
When Harry and Meghan's engagement was announced in November 2017, it was all systems go for a royal Fab Four extravaganza.
The royals quickly teamed up together to spearhead a strengthened Royal Foundation, which supports various charities that each of them work with.
This solidified their potential to spark positive action - and provided a springboard to further promote the work of each of their own patronages.
You see, by having a such a powerful young royal team, one that the world could trust to voice and bring to light issues affecting the masses, they've single-handedly revolutionised the way we view the Monarchy.
Indeed Harry, Meghan, Kate and William have proved that despite being a part of what many view as an outdated institution, the work they do, and have done within it is still very much relevant.
The royal foursome have helped the age-old Monarchy stay relevant in a modernising society. (Getty)
But of course, this incredible work brings us to now - Harry and Meghan will formally transition away from their roles as senior royal family members in the coming weeks, which means the powerful Fab Four will change as we know them.
Of course, we can still fully expect to see the two royal couples together in an informal capacity, but their collaborations will now be seen as separate. Frankly speaking, the Fab Four will kind of be no more.
But let's not let them go without a bang, hey? Instead of lamenting the end, we decided to celebrate the past.
Keep scrolling as we look at the Fab Four's very best moments together. There's a reason why this lot draws eyeballs a-plenty.