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Harry & Meghan's next steps are finally revealed, as Palace draws up its final agreement

The pair will be present at several important engagements in the coming weeks.

By Jess Pullar
In a reveal many royal fans have been waiting for, the finer details around Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's decision to step back from the royal family have finally been unveiled - and it looks like they have a busy few months ahead.
Buckingham Palace announced the Duke and Duchess' decision to step back will formally take effect on March 31 - and this will be followed by a 12 month review period in which their new, pared back roles will be monitored to ensure the arrangement works well for everyone involved.
Harry and Meghan will undergo a 12 month review period to ensure their new arrangement works well for all parties. (Getty)
As of April 1, the pair will also no longer have an office based at Buckingham Palace, and they will instead be represented through their own foundation team in the UK.
While it is not yet known how much we'll continue to see Harry and Meghan moving forward once the changes take effect, we've still got plenty of time between now and then to clap our eyes on the royal pair.
Indeed both Harry and Meghan are expected to attend the Endeavour Fund Awards, which take place on March 5.
They will also attend a music festival at the Royal Albert Hall on March 7.
According to HELLO!, it is also expected that Meghan will step out in some capacity to mark International Women's Day on March 8.
Harry and Meghan are expected to attend several more formal royal engagements before officially stepping back. (Getty)
Harry and Meghan will retain their HRH titles in a formal capacity, however they likely won't use them actively as they undertake their own projects outside of the royal family.
As snippets of information have been announced over the last few months, it was also understood that Prince Harry's military connections through the royal family would also be pared back.
However, the Palace has confirmed that he will retain ranks of Major, Lieutenant Commander and Squadron Leader.
But during the 12-month review period, the titles won't be used in relation to Harry.
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Earlier this week, it was announced the Sussexes might have to change the name of their current brand, Sussex Royal.
Due to the complexities around their new roles away from the royal family, the term 'royal' is up for debate.
We're yet to hear any confirmation around the matter, but if they do have to change the name, we'll be sure to hear it first from the royals themselves.

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