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Did Princess Anne really snub Trump? A witness finally reveals what happened

The sassy royal move has sent the internet wild.

By Jess Pullar
Princess Anne has been at the forefront of global attention of late, and a lot of that has to do with her brilliant, relatable and downright sassy portrayal on hit Netflix show The Crown.
And while her personal nature IRL might come across as a little more subdued these days, it seems she'll always have that undeniable sense of sass - that is, if a certain clip of her appearing to snub none other than President Trump is anything to go by.
Yep, it was as if she knew we were waiting to see it, because on Wednesday December 4, all of our hump day blues were quickly eradicated as the clip went full-blown viral.
What really went down when Princess Anne met President Trump? (Getty)
The video in question was taken during a Tuesday evening reception at Buckingham Palace, hosted by the Queen for NATO leaders.
Among the slew of VIP guests was President Trump, who took his turn in greeting the Queen and her son Prince Charles during the reception.
But in a video capturing the moment, Princess Anne is seen standing to the side, and when her mother, Queen Elizabeth the II gestures to her after shaking hands with Trump, Anne shrugs her shoulders as if to say a resounding "yea, nah" to meeting the Trumps herself.
Watch the moment in the player below. Story continues...
Yep, it's a pretty hilarious clip to watch, and many social media users shared the video with glee to their followings.
Only, the apparent snub might not have been a snub, as such.
According to royal reporter Valentine Low who spoke to a witness at the event, things went down a little differently.
Taking to his Twitter account, Low explained what the witness, Laura Elston of the Press Association, saw.
"OK, here goes... Princess Anne: the truth. No, she didn't snub the Trumps. And she wasn't told off by the Queen," he began his series of explanatory Tweets.
The video of the Princess Royal at the reception with Trump went viral. (Getty)
The royal reporter continued: "Instead the Queen, after greeting the Donald (and the Melania), turned to Anne to see who was next."
"But there wasn't anyone waiting: Trump was the last leader to be received by the Queen."
Anne reportedly then raised her hands in the air as she laughed and said, "It's just me," Valentine explained.
The Princess Royal added: "And this lot", while pointing to the members of the household that were standing behind her.
Ending his admirably investigative series of Tweets, Low said: "So, the truth is now out there. Not that anyone will pay any attention. Anne the Trump Snubber is a much better story."
Anne was also spotted at the event sharing a laugh with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (Getty)
He's got a point.
When The Crown season 3 dropped on Netflix in November, it would be safe to say Princess Anne's character was a standout.
Indeed the world has revelled in Anne's apparent sense of je ne sais quoi and her sassy one-liners as depicted in the show.
To boot, her peak 1970s fashion sense has also been another glorious revelation (and reminder!) to royal style watchers.
So with that being said, whether the Princess Royal snubbed Trump or not, we're still in awe of this regal lass.
Power to you, Anne!