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Prince George's favourite movie is SO fitting!

We're guessing it's because he just can't wait to be king!

This is quite frankly the best piece of news we've learned about His Royal Highness Prince George in ages!
We already knew Duchess Catherine and Prince William's little boy was the most relatable royal ever given the fact he doesn't really like going to school, opens his Christmas presents early and can give a mean stink eye.
And now Prince George's all-time favourite movie has been revealed and it's one kids all around the world just love!
FACT: George is pretty much a real life Simba.
This week, Prince William revealed George can't get enough of Disney’s animated adaptation of Hamlet, The Lion King.
William was joined by his wife and little brother Prince Harry as they attended a Charities Forum event - the same outing where a pregnant Duchess Kate busted a move with Paddington Bear.
The 36-year-old was grilled by a tenacious young interviewer, who wanted to know what Prince George liked watching on TV.
"He quite likes The Lion King, we’ve watched that a few times," Prince William said.
We can just imagine the pride of the Cambridge family making Lupo play out characters from the hit Disney flick.
It’s of course an incredibly appropriate choice, as the four-year-old will also one day be a king.
Perhaps he can relate to the story of Simba’s coming-of-age from scrappy prince to mighty king, being guided by his adviser Zazu and learning important life lessons about courage and integrity along the way, or maybe he just likes the songs (who doesn’t?).
Everything the light touches is our kingdom...
Apart from the Lion King, Prince George’s other favourite things to watch include the *Lego movies.
“He has watched a few Lego movies as well!"
According to dad, George is also partial to the TV show Octonauts on CBeebies.
The children's program follows Captain Barnacles and his crew on their animated underwater adventures.
Prince William admitted that he and Kate try to keep him from getting square-eyed, liming his TV time when they can, but it’s not easy.
"Trying to keep him off the television is hard work," he said.
Frankly, we’re surprised that something about flying planes wasn’t in his top 3, but maybe that’s something Netflix can get commissioning now.
We're sure if something pops up, his Gan-Gan will be all across it!
Afterall, the Queen's favourite TV show is reportedly Netflix's breakout hit series The Crown.
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