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BREAKING: Meghan Markle is in labour with her first child to Prince Harry

Baby Sussex is incoming!

By Jess Pullar
Meghan Markle is reportedly in labour with her first child to Prince Harry.
The Duchess of Sussex went into the early stages of labour in the wee hours of the morning (UK time), as confirmed in a statement from Buckingham Palace.
"The Duchess of Sussex went into labour in the early hours of this morning," the statement read.
"The Duke of Sussex was by Her Royal Highnesses' side. An announcement will be made soon."
Duchess Meghan is in labour with her first child to Prince Harry. (Image: Getty)
Twitter has exploded with excited fans sharing their best wishes with the royals.

How will the royal baby's birth be announced?

When the new baby is born, an announcement is expected to be made as per royal tradition, with the royal herald proclaiming the news on a plaque placed on a golden easel at Buckingham Palace, while simultaneously being announced on the official Royal Family social media channels.
Up until now, it was unclear as to where the Duchess would be giving birth, with many speculating that Meghan would not go to the Lindo Wing, where Duchess Catherine gave birth to all three of her children.
But in early April, Meghan and Harry confirmed they would celebrate the birth of their first child "privately", instead opting to forgo the traditional hospital photo call.
WATCH: Kate Middleton talks about Meghan Markle's new baby. Story continues after video...

When will we see the royal baby?

Despite it being confirmed the pair will forgo the hospital photo call, don't be worried - we'll still see the royal baby!
While Duchess Catherine debuted her newborns in an official photo call in front of the hospital shortly following the births of her three children, it is understood Meghan and Harry will opt for something slightly less public.
Understood to be taking place near their home of Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, In fact, we're envisioning a picture much like that of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who introduced her brand new baby girl last year to the world dressed down in comfy clothing with little to no makeup.
And given Markle and Ardern have a fond relationship already (that's if their secret meetings are anything to go by), then it's very possible Meghan will take a leaf from the Kiwi PM's books.
We're envisioning Meghan will opt for Jacinda's style (pictured left) when it comes to the first pics of her new baby. (Image: Getty)

Will the royal baby be a boy or a girl?

The other big question plaguing everyone is well and truly justified - will it be a boy or a girl?
If the bookies numbers are anything to go by, it would be safe to assume almost everyone is expecting a girl.
In fact, some bookies had been so overwhelmed by bets for a girl that they had to suspend the market.
At the time, UK bookmaker spokeswoman Katie Baylis said: "If the punters are anything to go by, then we could have a new Princess in a couple of months' time," she told Hello!.
What's more, Prince Harry himself admitted that he hoped the royal baby would be a girl, letting slip the adorable feat while being congratulated by a fan in Australia.
A spectator from the Invictus Game called out to the Duke of Sussex: "Congratulations, I hope it's a girl!"
Harry sweetly replied: "So do I!"
Watch the adorable moment in the video below. Story continues after video...

How Meghan's pregnancy has changed her

Throughout her pregnancy, we've seen a whole different side to Meghan.
From her refreshed fashion and beauty looks to her penchant for cradling that bump - if the last nine months are anything to go by we've got a whole lot to look forward to now that baby Sussex is almost here.
Indeed, the stylish Duchess has even opted to wear designers she'd previously sworn off to cater to her rotund baby bump.
On Christmas Day, Meghan stepped out in a smart navy blue Victoria Beckham dress, despite having said in a previous interview: "I love Victoria Beckham dresses, but I don't have the long torso to support that silhouette."
It seems her new baby changed everything though - Beckham's creation looked stunning on the royal, and we want more!
Meghan's choice in wearing a Victoria Beckham dress on Christmas day came as a surprise. (Image: Getty)
Another big change for Meghan during her pregnancy came in the form of her hairstyle.
Indeed her dark tresses, which she frequently wore out, all of a sudden became very at home in a signature bun.
Renowned celebrity hairstylist Jack Howard, shed some light on her new preferred style, revealing that it could all be down to her pregnancy.
Speaking to Hello!, Howard said Meghan's hair would have felt a lot thicker during her pregnancy.
"Not because you're growing more but you have more estrogen in your systems so the growing phase is longer, and you shed less," he said.
With her hair being voluminous to start with, this could explain why the Duchess often opted to wear her hair up and off her face during the later months of her pregnancy.
The Duchess has a clear penchant for buns these days! (Images: Getty)
With that being said, it would be safe to say the biggest change in Meghan's life is yet to come as we await the arrival of her new baby.
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