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Duchess Catherine wears her favourite dress from lockdown... in real life

The Duchess wears Beulah.

By Jess Pullar
Only someone like Duchess Catherine could get through months of lockdown and still manage to dish out some solid fashion inspiration.
Yep, our favourite style muse was only visible from the shoulders up for weeks on end throughout lockdown as our only glimpses of the 38-year-old royal came via video calls to various patronages and charities.
From those floaty blue patterned dresses to colour blocked extravaganzas, any time a new clip of the Duchess mid-Zoom surfaced, you could bet we were all eyes (and ears, of course).
That's why when lockdown lifted, and the Duchess re-commenced her usual in-person work, we were all the more giddy to see her wear one of our favourite lockdown looks - only this time, we saw it in full.
If you cast your minds back, you might remember a certain video call made by Duchess Catherine in May.
The video, which shone a light on the mental health initiative launched by herself and husband Prince William, Heads Together, featured Kate wearing a gorgeous red printed dress by Beulah London.
In the clip, it was possible to make out the dress' chic white collar detail and a paisley print.
The Duchess wore this Beulah London dress back in May. (Kensington Royal)
This week, Kate again stepped out in the dress for another special event - she and Prince William had a day out in London, where they got stuck in the kitchen at a bakery named Brick Lane Beigel.
The beautiful red dress on the Duchess was finally seen in full, with its long sleeves and unique cuff detailing on show.
Kate and William joined staff at the bakery in a show of support for their business, and many others in London just like it, after they suffered an immense downturn in business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Duchess Catherine and Prince William stepped out together for the first time together in over a month, helping a local London bakery make bagels. (Getty)
The royal pair shone a light on the worrying unemployment rates that have come as a result of the pandemic - visiting the London Bridge Job centre, they also heard about how some employers had cut staff unjustifiably, simply using the pandemic as an excuse.
"I'm getting interviews, but everything is very slow. In banking, we are also facing other uncertainties with Brexit," one commercial banker told the couple.
The Duke and Duchess' visit shone a light on unemployment issues in the UK. (Getty)
There were a few lighter moments in between.
Kate and Wills learned about a construction company offering Higher Degree apprenticeships in order to help in demolishing of local buildings for redevelopment.
According to HELLO!, William quipped: "The children, especially Louis would love to come and watch that, to see the diggers, they love it."
Duchess Catherine then gave her husband a nudge, telling him: "Don't forget Charlotte! She'd love it too."
The pair looked relaxed after a quiet summer with their children. (Getty)
There's no denying the royal pair have had to adapt and change to a new working environment over the last few months.
Both royals wore masks when entering food establishments and when it was not possible to socially distance, as per WHO guidelines.
And provided current restrictions remain in place, it looks like we may be seeing some more of Duchess Catherine's mysterious lockdown dresses - we've got our eyes on that gorgeous yellow printed Raey dress for starters...

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