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Kate Middleton and Prince William spotted at local pub with the kids

Because even royals love a Sunday roast.

By Jess Pullar
If there's one thing this past week has taught us, it's that the royal's love a Sunday roast.
Just days after it was revealed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle enjoy frequenting their local Windsor pub for low-key meals, we've now confirmed there's another regal family who indulge in doing the same - Kate Middleton and Prince William!
Over the weekend it was revealed the future King and Queen consort of England have a regular pub they like to visit with the children, and we can't help but revel in how, well, normal it all seems.
In a new report from The Mirror, it was revealed the family regularly visit the Old Boot Inn, which is located in Kate's home village of Bucklebury in Berkshire.
According to the publication, as reported by Hello!, the family regularly visits the venue for a shepherd's pie.
The pub's landlord, Andre Claassen, told The Mirror, "I think they like coming here because people leave them alone. No one bothers them or asks for selfies."
The Cambridges are one of the world's most famous families, but they're just like the rest of us when it comes to enjoying a good pub meal. (Getty)
According to the landlord, William is always "very friendly", and the children are often seen playing outside with Kate.
And its gets better - apparently Prince George likes to wear a "camouflage outfit" when he's there.
"You have to pretend like you can't see him," the landlord added.
Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte is apparently "very cute".
"She plays in the garden with my partner Rebecca's daughter," said the landlord.
So normal are their visits to the pub, that he even described one incredible moment an entire bus full of tourists arrived and no one even realised who the family were!
"They always just look like an ordinary family."
It sounds like George and Charlotte have an absolute ball when the family visits the pub. (Getty)
It's understood the pub isn't just popular with Wills and Kate either - apparently the Duchess' parents Carole and Michael Middleton are also regulars.
Must be a decent shepherd's pie!
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In August, it was revealed Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan also aren't shy of heading to their local watering hole for a pub meal.
The private couple, who have been enjoying a summer break together with their new baby Archie, were recently spotted enjoying a roast dinner at a local pub in Windsor while their newborn reportedly "napped" in a cot next to them.
The pub in question was reportedly the Rose & Crown, which is located in the village of Winkfield - conveniently 10 minutes away from their home Frogmore Cottage.
According to a report from The Sun, Prince Harry was seen knocking back a couple of beers during their two-hour visit, while Meghan had water.
An onlooker told the publication: "They were on a table with, I presume, a private secretary. Meghan was cradling Archie most of the time."
And in an insight that royal watchers revelled in hearing, apparently the adorable newborn royal was "as good as gold."
"I didn't hear him cry once while he was there," the onloooker explained.
We'll just be over here revelling in the sweet normality of our blue-blooded fellows.
Just like Wills and Kate, it seems like Harry and Meghan also enjoy a good pub meal. (Getty)