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Meghan and Harry spotted at a local pub in Windsor with baby Archie, and he was "good as gold"

Nothing like a bit of pub grub.

By Jess Pullar
As members of the royal family, it would be safe to say Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lead slightly different lives to us non-blue-blooded folk.
But in saying that, we can't blame them for indulging in some of life's simple pleasures many of us can relate to - and that definitely includes a decent pub meal.
In a surprise reveal, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan were spotted in a local pub near their home in Windsor over the weekend.
The private couple, who have recently spent a summer holiday in Nice, France, were seen enjoying a roast dinner while Archie reportedly "napped" in a cot next to them, according to a new report from The Sun.
Imagine that, casually bumping into British royalty on a simple trip up the road to the local watering hole!
Meghan and Harry are just like us when it comes to picking a good hearty meal. (Getty)
The pub, which is understood to be called the Rose & Crown, is located in the village of Winkfield, which is about 10 minutes away from Frogmore Cottage.
Apparently, onlookers were very cool, calm and collected despite the regal guests being mere metres away from them, in fact, they reportedly went largely unnoticed!
According to the Sun's report, Prince Harry knocked back a couple of beers during their two-hour visit, while Meghan stuck to water.
The pair were also joined by an assistant, as well as two protection officers.
An onlooker told the publication: "They were on a table with, I presume, a private secretary. Meghan was cradling Archie most of the time."
Describing the newborn royal, they elaborated: "The little lad was as good as gold, I didn't hear him cry once while he was there."
It seems like Archie is every bit the angelic child we'd hope him to be. (Chris Allerton / Sussex Royal)
According to the onlooker, no other customers recognised the royal pair, and the staff kept the service low-key.
"They did indicate to me they had been there before," the source continued.
Given how much scrutiny Meghan and Harry are constantly under almost everywhere they go, it's quite refreshing to know they can still enjoy the simple pleasure of indulging in a bit of pub grub without being bothered!
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The royal pair have been enjoying a month off from their royal duties together with baby Archie.
At the start of August, it was reported the pair flew to Ibiza in Europe where they celebrated Meghan's 38th birthday.
Later on, the couple and Archie jetted to Nice, France where they stayed in Elton John's luxe home.
In September, it is expected that Prince Harry will return to his formal royal duties, while Meghan will continue her maternity leave.
But we're sure to see a lot more of the Duchess in a few weeks - the family of three will tour Africa in October.
We can't wait to see what Meghan will wear for this whirlwind trip!
Meghan, Harry and baby Archie are Africa-bound soon! (Getty)