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Looking for your 'appily ever after? These are the best dating apps and sites for over 50s

Love is ageless.

By Maddison Hockey
Whether you've been dating all your life or you're newly back on the scene, there's no denying things have drastically changed in recent years.
Yes, we're talking about dating apps.
Navigating the online dating scene can be daunting, but there's no time like the present to test out which app (or multiple apps) are right for you - below we've rounded up the best dating apps available for over 50s in Australia.

1. eHarmony

eHarmony was launched two whole decades ago, long before dating apps were a common thing.
It was the first site to introduce an algorithm to dating, and within its first 10 years, more than 33 million people used the platform.
The company's leading stats aren't anything to sneeze at, they've helped more than two million people find love, and claims to be the site most likely to lead to a happy relationship.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban found love later in life. Image: Instagram / @nicolekidman

2. Elite Singles

Powered by one of Europe's "leading online matchmaking providers", Elite Singles is designed for Aussies looking for a "long-term commitment".
Rather than having to wade through countless profiles, Elite Singles uses its matchmaking process to narrow your dating pool to people you will actually be compatible with on a meaningful level.
Elite Singles also regularly monitors its users' profiles.
"We curate the site by verifying profiles, automatically removing inactive members, and proactively removing users we suspect are not serious."

3. Hinge

Think of Hinge as the less swipe-happy version of popular dating app, Tinder. Hinge focuses on personality by asking users to answer three questions about themselves, which are then refreshed with new questioned each month.
It also uses a Nobel Prize-winning algorithm to help determine your best match.
Free members can only send a number of "likes" per day, meaning they have to be more thoughtful about finding the right person.
Further, the 'Date From Home' feature "enables users to easily signal when they are ready for a virtual date and transition from messaging, to meeting digitally for the first time to get to know each other better."


Having first launched in 1997, RSVP has been connecting singles for over 20 years – so, they must be doing something right.
While the site isn't age specific, its users average at 35+ years of age. They also have specific RSVP sites for both mature dating and seniors, catering to older demographics.
RSVP offers one of the most specific search capabilities of any site too, so you can look up members according to education or even eye colour – for those who know they have a "type".
Make a memorable impression with the images you select on your profile. (Image: @elizabethhurley1/Instagram)

5. Concha

Concha focuses on building real connections, they want users to talk before they text. Meaning it's perfect for those who prefer face-to-face interaction but still want to date online.
"Once you've matched with a potential love interest, you'll be able to call them (at the right time), or send them a voice message."

Need date ideas?

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