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Woah! A Voice contestant just stormed off stage after not turning any chairs

Not taking it so well?

By Erin Doyle
It is no doubt nerve-wracking to step out on The Voice stage and hoping that at least one coach likes the performance enough to turn.
But when no swivelling occurred among the coaches' chairs during Kirrah Amosa's performance on Tuesday night, it took a very uncomfortable turn.
Kirrah had belted out a rendition of Let Me Love You by Rita Ora but coaches Boy George, Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland and Guy Sebastian were left less than impressed.
They offered the singer some feedback, with Delta noting: "you don't have to be loud to be heard. Being louder doesn't necessarily mean we hear you."
Culture Club singer Boy George also weighed in, telling her: "You sounded a little nervous and that's completely understandable.
"I know we say this a lot, but the more you do this, the better you'll become."
Kirrah Amosa didn't turn a chair on Tuesday night and didn't take the rejection well. (Image: Nine Network)
Meanwhile, Guy Sebastian told he thought she had her "walls up".
But it was how Kirrah reacted to the criticism that appeared to get on the nerves of the coaches.
"The sun is still going to come up tomorrow," she told them.
Delta wasn't impressed and hit back: "I don't feel like you're listening to any of our advice."
Kirrah then dramatically stormed off stage and complained to camera: "Just because four people don't like the way I sound at that time doesn't mean seven billion other people won't."
Umm, woah!
WATCH BELOW: So much drama! Boy George also stormed off The Voice stage earlier this season. Post continues after video
But it's not the first time this season a shock walk out has made headlines.
Boy George also stormed off in a huff when contestant Daniel Shaw told him that "nobody cares" if he played guitar.
Seemingly taking it as a personal attack George abruptly left the stage and did not return for the rest of Daniel's Blind Audition.
"I don't feel like you're listening to any of our advice," an unimpressed Delta told Kirrah. (Image: Nine Network)
Boy George also stormed off stage earlier in the season. (Image: Nine Network)

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