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The Voice Australia: the truth behind Boy George’s shock walk-out

Singer Daniel Shaw reveals what really happened when Boy George stormed off stage during The Voice Australia

By Zara Zubeidi
The Voice Australia got off to an explosive start this evening when Boy George angrily stormed off set.
The Culture Club singer grabbed his phone and left the stage when busker Daniel Shaw told him that "no one cares" about the fact he plays guitar.
"I think after that comment, go with Delta," Boy George told him, before whispering to Delta, "No one cares about playing guitar?! What a weird thing to say."
A producer was forced to intervene, to which Boy George replied, "Don't follow me. I'm annoyed. He turned around to me and said, 'Who cares if I play guitar? That's not cool. I'm not going back".
Daniel Shaw told Boy George that "no one cares" about the fact he plays guitar. (Image: Nine Network)
While viewers won't find out the outcome until tomorrow's episode, Daniel – who got four chair turns with his incredible rendition of Labrinth's Beneath Your Beautiful - says he's still baffled by Boy George's exit.
"One minute Boy George was there, the next minute he wasn't," the singer, 20, tells TV WEEK.
"I don't know what happened as I had just finished my audition and was getting feedback from the other coaches. I still don't know what exactly it was that made him walk off!"
Up until now, Boy George has struggled to find an artist for his team. (Image: Nine Network)
There's no doubt Boy George has been feeling the pressure. Up until now, the star has struggled to find an artist for his team.
New coach Guy Sebastian, on the other hand, is having much better luck.
"You can say things that we can't," Boy George told Guy in tonight's episode.
"You've been through this and you're a success story. That's a big appeal. People are like, 'He knows what he's doing'".
Will Boy George return? We can't wait to find out!
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