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Boy George abruptly hangs-up on an Aussie host during a radio interview

You're boring me, goodbye...
Boy George

Boy George has abruptly ended an on-air radio interview after a journalist enquired after his “gender-bending” style.

Speaking with ABC Radio National’s Fran Kelly, the singer-songwriter happily discussed his love of Australia and his upcoming tour with band Culture Club — a subject which led the veteran host to question his flamboyant fashion style — before things took an ugly turn for the worse.

“Talking about your look, talking about the sensation you were because of your make-up, your clothes, your outrageousness,” Fran said.

“I don’t remember if you were openly gay back then but, like David Bowie before you, you were certainly celebrated for being ‘gender bending’. You were a ‘gender bender’.”

The Voice Australia coach — less than pleased with the line of questioning — immediately changed his tone.

“You keep referring to me in past context and we’re actually talking in real time,” he fired back.

“Yes,” Fran responded, “but maybe now times have moved on and the gender bending is not such a surprise, but back then it was.”

“Were you aware of the impact of that on kids?”

George paused before replying, “You’re boring me, goodbye.”

And then the line went dead.

Boy George is known for his extravagant fashion style.

The music icon is pictured in 1983.

Taking to Twitter, the “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” hitmaker later explained his decision to end the interview.

“I respond to warmth!” he tweeted. “Period.”

“Sometimes it feels like a person has a rigid script and a view of you that is fixed,” he later added. “It was zero to do with the questions. Maybe next time we will meet in person. Maybe not.”

“It was a moment. It’s over. Peace!”

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The awkward interview instantly sparked debate on social media, with many sympathizing with the iconic pop star.

“Tired of mock interviewers who don’t respect the people they interview (such as @BoyGeorge) nor their audience,” one wrote, while another added: “She was rude. No wonder he hung up on her.”

However, a third noted: “Very sad that @BoyGeorge hung up on @frankelly08 just now on ABC RN. He was such a strong influence on me back in the 80s. I was loving the interview until he did that. Fran, I was looking forward to his answer to a great question. He’s usually so articulate. Hope he apologises.”

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