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EXCLUSIVE: The Voice's Renee Bargh admits she can’t wait to be a mum

Family first!

By TV Week team
After almost 10 years in Los Angeles, Renee Bargh is thrilled that The Voice has afforded her the chance to return home to Australia.
But it's not just the fact that her career is on song here.
Renee, who also hosts the weekend edition of US entertainment show Extra, says the opportunity to spend time with both her best friend Delta Goodrem – and the one-year-old niece she's "obsessed" with – makes her co-hosting role on the show's ninth season a dream.
"I"m so close with my entire family," Renee, 33, tells TV WEEK. "But my younger sister Danielle has a one-year-old who is the absolute love of my life. I'm obsessed with her!"
Renee Bargh in hosting mode alongside Darren McMullen on The Voice. Image: Instagram
So much so, that Renee says she "literally drives my friends crazy, showing them photos and videos of her like she's my child".
While Renee says she's single at the moment, she does confess that being her niece's "fun aunty" has made her think about having a child – or children – of her own one day.
"For sure," she says with a laugh. "That's absolutely in my plan. We'll have to see how that goes, because it's quite hard to even date right now, though."
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While Renee would love to become a mum, she's content being an aunt to her one-year-old niece (pictured). Image: Instagram
In the meantime, Renee is content to spoil her niece.
"My sister is like, 'You have 
to stop spending money on her because you'll have nothing left!'" she says. "But I don't care. She can have everything. I honestly haven't bought myself anything in a year."
Renee is thrilled to be working alongside her bestie Delta Goodrem (left). Image: Getty
Renee has this year joined The Voice as co-host alongside Darren McMullen for the first time, after Sonia Kruger jumped ship to Channel Seven.
Speaking to 9Entertainment, Renee revealed she was thrilled about the chance to team up with her bestie Delta.
"I've been begging [to host The Voice] for years," she said.
"I lived with Delta when she started doing The Voice and we always were like, 'Oh this would be so amazing to do together'.
"I took a couple of meetings late last year and the offer came through very recently. It has all been pretty quick and fast but I feel like it's something that I've been manifesting for a long time."
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