"My ride or die": Inside Delta Goodrem and Renee Bargh's wonderful lifelong friendship

''She gets me''.

By Rebecca Sullivan
It's a rare treat to be able to work with your bestie everyday, but that's exactly what singer Delta Goodrem and TV presenter Renee Bargh have been able to do this year on The Voice.
The Born To Try hitmaker is returning as a judge this season, but this time, her best friend Renee is making her debut as the show's co-host alongside Darren McMullen.
The stunning Aussie gals have been friends for over a decade - they even lived together in Los Angeles at one point - and have both wanted to work with each other for years.
"I've been begging [to host The Voice] for years," Renee told Channel Nine.
"I lived with Delta when she started doing The Voice and we always were like, 'Oh this would be so amazing to do together'.
"I took a couple of meetings late last year and the offer came through very recently. It has all been pretty quick and fast but I feel like it's something that I've been manifesting for a long time."
She said the pair "screamed like schoolgirls" when the offer eventually came through.
"We both just kind of looked at each other like, 'Wow, we did it.' We've been talking about this for so long and we're just so excited to get to go to work together every day."
Renee and Delta on set at the Extra host's workplace in LA. Image: Getty
Renee got to interview her friend in her new home city of LA. Image: Getty
With Renee based permanently in LA - she's currently isolating there at the moment - only flying back to Australia for work opportunities, it's not often these two ladies get to spend time with each other. Delta lives in Sydney's inner city with her boyfriend Matthew Copley.
So in celebration of their cross-continental friendship, we've rounded up the best (and cutest) snaps of these Aussie besties.