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The Block's Kristy and Brett's agent speaks out about auction drama

Kristy and Brett’s agent denies claims he bungled their auction.

By Woman's Day team
Kristy and Brett were accused of making a "huge fumble" during the auction of their home.
Their agent has come back swinging, alluding to the fact that their small profit was all down to the value of the home – and their villain narrative on The Block.
The couple slammed their agent after the auction but Sam says he did everything he could to sell the property. Nine
"When I spoke to some of the buyers who didn't bid on our home, they said they didn't see the value in our home. Full stop," Belle Property's Sam Inan told the media following the bombshell auction, which saw the South Australian couple walk away with a disappointing $65,000 in profit.
"It had nothing to do with whether they were cheap or affordable on the day. They just didn't like them." Sam also speculated whether their villain portrayal on the show got in the way of the sale.
"Perhaps if the contestants were more popular, then it might have helped the auctioneers a little bit more," he added, tellingly.
Following the sale of the home, which was purchased by dentist Dr Fady Tossoun for $3,035,000, Kristy, 34, tore into their real estate agents, saying, "Sorry everyone, but our agent sht the bed, they f*ked it up for us."
"'I hate to look ungrateful, $65K is massive to some people but we gave up three months of great jobs – it doesn't cover it,' Brett, also 34, added.
When contacted by Woman's Day, Sam hinted that he'd like to express his disappointment over his clients' comments, however, added he "didn't want to put any more fuel on it".
"I've had so much support overnight and enjoying the limelight. [I] don't want to spoil it by whingeing about something that could jeopardise my commission," he told us.
"You put your big boy pants on and move on. It's part of being a leader."

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