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EXCLUSIVE PICS: The Block cast strip off to reveal their body transformations after appearing on the show

There's more to it than you'd think.

By Woman's Day team
Appearing on a highly competitive reality TV show is no small feat, so it's to be expected that physically, stars are bound to take a hit.
For The Block's 2020 cast, it seems there was plenty of that going around.
Now, as they prepare to take a dip in their new pools, they open up about their body secrets

Jimmy & Tam

It's hard to find time to eat on The Block," laughs Jimmy. (Image: Woman's Day)
For lovebirds Jimmy, 33, and Tam, 31, it was The Block's mental challenge that tested them most of all, insisting that they didn't realise they were dropping weight until others noticed first.
"We never realised ourselves but we were told we were losing weight," says Tam.
"It's hard to find time to eat on The Block," laughs Jimmy.
"It is so full-on." "The mental side is as hard if not harder than the physical challenge," says Tam, adding that being away from their four-year-old daughter Frankie was tough.

Luke & Jasmin

"Those last five weeks on the show were brutal!" says Luke. (Image: Woman's Day)
Chippy Luke, 35, says he and Jasmin lost so much weight that their families hardly recognised them at the end of filming!
"Those last five weeks on the show were brutal! When our families arrived, they couldn't believe how much weight 
we had lost and called us 'insomniacs'," he says.
"It's relentless," Jasmin, 36, says 
of the entire experience.
"It's not normal to be under that amount of stress for such 
a prolonged period of time."

Daniel & Jade

"I discovered I do in fact have a bum," laughs Jade. (Image: Woman's Day)
After spending weeks together on a construction site, Daniel and Jade, both 35, say they learned 
a lot about each other.

"I discovered I do in fact have a bum," laughs Jade, adding she went from a size 12 to "about a nine", while Daniel is on his way to a Block-induced sixpack.
"Although we never weighed or measured ourselves to check, we both lost inches 
in the first four weeks," says Jade, revealing Daniel's pants were falling off.

Sarah & George

Sarah and George had a game plan to get fit. (Image: Woman's Day)
NSW competitors Sarah, 27, and George, 33, had a secret game plan to get fit ahead of the show.
"I have always loved going to the gym, pushing my body to extreme limits... I am a black belt in hapkido, so I enjoy kicking and punching a bag to let off steam," says Sarah.
"It is the most exhausting and mentally draining experience we have ever done," adds George.

Harry & Tash

"You're on your feet from early in the morning until late at night," Tash dishes. (Image: Woman's Day)
"We definitely dropped weight," tells Tash, 32.
"You're on your feet from early in the morning until late at night." But Harry, 57, reveals the demanding hours did derail their plans to keep healthy.
"We started off being mindful of everything we ate [but] by the end our eating habits went completely out the window," he says.
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