EXCLUSIVE: The Block's Luke and Jasmin reveal their baby surprise

The Block lovebirds reveal their plans to grow their family and move to the country!

By Wade Sellers
For the majority of contestants, the idea of winning The Block means a much-needed holiday, renovations or a brand new home.
But West Australian couple Luke and Jasmin have their sights on growing their family!
"We'd love another little person in our home. It would bring us even more love and happiness," Jasmin, 36, tells Woman's Day.
"We've always wanted children and we've been incredibly lucky to have a healthy boy and girl – Sonny, who has just turned two, and Lola, who is nearly five.
"And Luke being from a large Italian family has always hinted he wants to move to the country with his large tribe of bambinos," she adds.
The Perth couple reveal that they have plans to grow not only their home - but their family, if they win The Block! (Image: Supplied)
However, carpenter Luke and part-time kindergarten teacher Jasmin say that growing their brood hasn't always been a financially viable option.
"It's been something we couldn't consider before The Block. We couldn't afford it. The last few years of Jasmin taking maternity leave has left us financially stretched. It's been an incredibly stressful few years as we find ourselves living week to week at times," Luke, 35, reveals.
Since appearing on the show everything has changed and the couple believe a Block win could make Luke's dream of having a large family in the country become a reality.
While the couple who already have two children, daughter Lola, five, and son Sonny, two, they believe another child is the "missing piece to [their] family puzzle." (Image: Supplied)
"Lola asks us all the time for a baby brother or sister. She'd be over the moon to have another sibling to dote on and we're sure Sonny would love another playmate once his sister heads off to full-time school next year," says Jasmin.
"We know we're thinking with our hearts and not our heads and either way we're so blessed with our two beautiful children but one more baby could be the missing piece of our family puzzle."
The couple, who have almost completed their build on House 5 on the hit show, are ready to take home some serious cash at auctions. (Image: Channel Nine)

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