Tash & Harry on The Block: ‘We’re broke’

It’s crunch time for the struggling father-and-daughter duo.

By Woman's Day team
With the final weeks of their renovations fast approaching, the Blockheads 
are feverishly racing against 
the clock to get their homes completed in time for auction.
But it seems father-and-daughter duo Harry and Tash have run out of something other than time – money!
Tash, 32, was seen looking in a state of disarray on site after finding out she may not have enough funds to finish the build for studio and garage week.
The Melbourne-based production manager was seen pulling her woolly beanie 
over her face on site as The Block's production crew appeared to comfort her.
The tense scene came as Tash was told she and Harry, 57, would have just $20,000 to deliver a studio and garage after completely blowing their budget the previous week.
An on-set source tells Woman's Day that Tash was so disappointed and they were just moments away from putting down their tools for good.
"She's absolutely exhausted," says the insider.
The long, 
hard build has taken its toll on Tash. (Image: Instagram)
"They were just so depleted after they blew their budget last week on their front garden and facade – and that didn't pay off as the judges didn't like it!"
It only got worse for the pair, having to fork out more money for not one but two faulty shower grates.
An embarrassed Harry was then forced to ask 
his tradies if they would work at a discounted rate.
Harry is worried about his daughter's well-being. (Image: Instagram)
The source adds that the duo, who have struggled with timing and budget issues since day one, were ready to call it quits until host Scott Cam intervened.
"He encouraged them to try and finish the week without the bells and whistles – but it wasn't easy," says the spy.

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