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EXCLUSIVE: Five auction bombshells you didn’t see on The Block’s explosive finale!

There were a few major series firsts last night.

By Woman's Day team
The Block's incredible auction finale certainly lived up to promises that it would be one of the most exciting ever.
"Australia take your seats for the greatest, most explosive, grand finale ever," teased a voice-over in one of the clips leading up to the auction airing.
But there were plenty of secret, behind-the-scenes moments that never made it to air.
Keep reading for five of the biggest bombshells from The Block's auction this year.

It was a closed set

For the first time in Block history, the auction was a closed set.
While it was mainly due to COVID-19 restrictions, sources say the scandal involving rogue buyer Emese Fajk last year meant security was tightened to keep anyone who wasn't a serious – and vetted – bidder out.
The cast of The Block 2021. (Nine)

The vetting process was intense

Producers were so hellbent on avoiding another scandal like Emese that they dramatically increased the amount of paperwork and reference checks to ward off any would-be scammers.
"It was like applying for a permanent residency," says our on-set spy.

Many of the Blockheads didn’t speak

While it may have looked like happy families on the show, sources say the atmosphere was a lot icier when the cameras weren't rolling.
"Tanya and Vito were treated like fraudsters and were virtually iced out," says the source.
"No one really had time for twins Luke and Josh either."

Security called in for reserve announcement

In another first for the show, security was called in to assist with the taping of the reserve announcements.
"The mood among all the Blockheads was quite hostile, and they didn't want another slinging match like the one we've seen in the body corporates," spills the insider.

Everyone was scared

Seeing last year's Blockheads Jimmy and Tam Wilkins resort to living in a caravan, even though they won, sparked a lot of anxiety within the 2021 teams.
Our insider says many contestants were nervous wrecks at auction.
"Some of them thought they'd be walking away with nothing," says our spy.

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