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Meet the Blockheads! Here are all the teams competing on The Block 2021

Tools at the ready: The Block is back with a special Fans vs Faves edition...
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Curl up on the couch and throw on your best hi-vis, because The Block is back!

And this year, true to form, host Scott Cam has more than a few twists up his flannel sleeves.

First up, the return of four all-stars. Two couples will be returning to compete against a fresh batch of Blockheads this year, to try and score the win they missed out on last time in this season of Fans vs Faves.

Then, in a Block first, all five teams will be competing in a suburban cul de sac, renovating five very different houses – each with newly built basement areas – in the upmarket Melbourne suburb of Hampton.

Meet the new Blockheads set to take on a mega challenge in the Melbourne suburb of Hampton.

“That changes up the dynamic between the competitors as well, because the houses are all separate,” Scott tells TV WEEK.

The biggest twist of all in 2021, is one that neither the host nor the producers could possibly have foreseen.

It’s what returning all-star contestant Ronnie slams in promos for the series as “the biggest cheating scandal in TV history”.

Just what happens and who is at the centre will play out as the series airs, but Scott admits he was stunned by what happens and says it “changes everything”.

“There’s something massive on the horizon that comes from the contestants themselves and it turns The Block on its head,” Scott says.

“It turns the whole joint upside down, it turns me upside down and, when it’s revealed, it’ll turn the viewers upside down as well. It’s unbelievable!”

While you settle in for the rollercoaster ride sure to come, scroll through and get to know the contestants competing on The Block this season.

Kirsty, 34, and Jesse, 33

Kirsty, 34, and Jesse, 33

Married from Wangi Wangi, NSW

Together since they were 16 and married for seven years, this country couple say they plan to work as hard and as long as they can to change their lives with a Block win.

“To be given an opportunity like this,” Kirsty says, “we’re not going to waste it!”

Mitch, 58, and Mark, 59

Mitch, 58, and Mark, 59

Granddads from Sydney, NSW

Block veterans from 2020 and with 20 renovations under their belts, Mitch (above left) and Mark are organised, committed and out to have some fun.

“There’s no part of it I’m not looking forward to,” Mitch says.

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The Block 2019: Highs and lows with Mitch and Mark

Ronnie, 45, and Georgia, 37

Ronnie, 45, and Georgia, 37

Parents from Perth, WA

Career renovators who appeared on The Block in 2017, this controversial couple are super-competitive, know how to play the game and are out to win.

“I’m excited,” Georgia says. “A little apprehensive too, but once I get started, I suspect I’ll slip into Block mode quickly.”

Tanya, 39, and Vito, 44

Tanya, 39, and Vito, 44

Parents from Melbourne, VIC

Fun, funky and with a unique style, Tanya and Vito are two very big personalities not afraid to take on challenges. They declare they’re out to make an impact on The Block.

“We really want to show our kids that with a little bit of hard work you can achieve anything,” Tanya says.

Josh and Luke, 27

Josh and Luke, 27

Twins from Sydney, NSW

The stars of Love Island in 2019 (which Josh won), the brothers are out to kick-start their futures and show there’s a lot more to them than just tanning by the pool.

“This is a massive opportunity for us,” Luke (above right) says. “It’s going to be tough and challenging, but we’re so excited.”

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