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EXCLUSIVE: How The Block cast plan to spend their money

The Blockheads tells Woman's Day what’s next
after they nabbed $3.3 million!

By Wade Sellers
It was a record-breaking and nail-biting auction; with a combined $3.3 million in profit won across the five couples.
And now, The Blockheads reveal to Woman's Day their plans on how they're going to blow their dough - and some of them may surprise you!

Jimmy and Tam: $1,066,000

First of all, congrats on your enormous win! How did you feel during the auction?
Surreal and unbelievable. It was ridiculous.
You've won the most money in the show's history. What's so special about your house?
It's the emotional connection that we created for our buyer. Emese [Fajk, the buyer] loved watching our journey creating this home. Everyone told us it was so important to create that.
What do you plan to do with your money?
We would love to buy some land and build our off-the-grid barn of our dreams. We created a mini version of it in the Lego challenge.
Any more family plans?
We absolutely adore our daughter Frankie. We did this to change her life, but one is more than enough for us!
The Queensland couple won the most money out of the show's history and plan to build the barn of their dreams! (Image: Channel Nine)

Luke & Jasmin: $506,000

How did you feel going first?
Coming into the auction we were comfortable... but as soon as we had to walk up to the auction couch, it hit home. Not only did we want to do well, we had been given the task to set the auction bar high.
And how about the moment it sold?
We felt like our dreams had come true.
How much were you hoping to win?
We were really hoping to get between $250k to $300k. That was our ultimate.
What do you plan to do with your money?
We are hoping for financial freedom. Pay off the mortgage, buy a bigger house for the kids, then get a caravan.
You told us you were going to have another baby if you won. Is that still on the cards?
Look, we didn't win, so we really need to think about that plan, and a caravan for five might break the budget. But we will see!
The Western Australian couple plan to pay off their mortgage and splurge on a family caravan. (Image: Channel Nine)

Harry and Tash: $650,000

How did you feel during the auction?
So nervous! We were worried going last that all the money may have left the auction room. We had just seen Danny Wallis buy two houses and thought he was done!
How much were you hoping to win?
We thought $300k would be nice but thought we'd be lucky to get $150k, so to get $650k, it's just next level.
What do you plan to do with your money?
Tash plans to use it as a deposit for a house and is going to go for a career in musical theatre!
The father and daughter duo from Victoria thought they were only going to win around $150,000. (Image: Channel Nine)

Sarah and George: $650,002

How did you both feel when your house sold?
Euphoric is the best word. We were in utter shock. When Sarah said, "Babe, that's our mortgage gone..." there was just so much to process.
How much were you hoping to win?
We were preparing ourselves for $100k. Our wildest dreams were $400k.
What do you plan to do with your money?
Pay off our mortgage and... a family is definitely on the cards.
Now that they're rolling it, the New South Wales couple hint that a child may be on the cards. (Image: Channel Nine)

Daniel and Jade: $460,000

How did you feel in the moment your home was sold?
It was just relief. With coronavirus we weren't sure we were going to sell on auction.
How much money were you hoping to win?
At the end of the day we wanted $20,000. The fact that it skyrocketed was just amazing.
What do you plan to do with your money?
We could pay off our mortgage... that would allow Daniel to spend more time with me and the kids.
The South Australian couple, who have had their fair share of battles, say they're going to use the money to take some time off work and spend more time with their children. (Image: Channel Nine)

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