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EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s auction thrown into chaos as Blockheads threaten to not show up

“They know they’re going to win.”

By Wade Sellers
There's never been a more contentious atmosphere on The Block before.
Combined with ongoing feuds with the judges, quarantine enforcements and a major bombshell that's set to drop before the first gavel is slammed, this year's auction day is proving to be a huge nightmare for Nine.
In fact, it could be the first to be full of no-shows!
Woman's Day's on-set spy reveals the truth behind why the Blockheads aren't keen to get back together...

Kirsty & Jesse: ‘We’re only going so we can win’

Kirsty and Jesse are in it to win. (Nine)
While they certainly played nice on the show, NSW couple Kirsty, 33, and Jesse, 32, are said to have "moved past the drama" and are attending the auction for one reason: to win.
"They know they're going to win," our source says.
"They really have no interest in playing into any of the scandal or drama anymore – they're ready to collect their profit and move on with their lives now."

Ronnie & Georgia: ‘We don’t want to quarantine’

Ronnie and Georgia are separated by border restrictions. (Nine)
While the pair have never shied away from the drama, Ronnie, 45, and Georgia, 37, who are currently in separate states, are said to be shying away from the auction due to border closures!
While Ronnie will most likely make it, despite being busy filming Celebrity Apprentice in Sydney, Georgia, who is back home in Perth, may not be able to get past the state's tough restrictions.
"Production is struggling to work with the WA government on getting her to Melbourne," says our source.
"As it stands, it could just be Ronnie holding down the fort for them."

Tanya & Vito: ‘We’re avoiding everyone’

Tanya and Vito may be no-shows on the big day. (Nine)
Despite appearing to come out of the other side of the many cheating allegations, Tanya, 39, and Vito, 45, are said to be dreading auction day the most out of all the teams.
Our spy spills that they're doing everything they can to get out of the commitment.
"They really don't want to attend," says the source.
"They know they're in hot water with just about all of the Blockheads, and even though Melbourne has just been let out of lockdown, they're pulling a lot of COVID cards to see if they can join via Zoom rather than be there in person."

Mitch & Mark: ‘If the judges go, we’re out!’

Mitch and Mark reportedly don't want to see the judges. (Nine)
No team has ever been as vocal about their disdain for the judges as Sydney's Mitch, 58, and Mark, 59, have this year.
According to our insider, the boys have made it clear that if the judges turn up on auction day, production shouldn't expect them to be there.
"They really don't want to be in the same room as them – ever again," says our insider.
"They feel they were given such unfair scores throughout the show and have made it abundantly clear to producers that their moment will be ruined if the judges attend."

Josh & Luke: ‘We don’t want to be embarrassed’

Josh and Luke don't want to be embarrassed on auction day. (Nine)
The polarising twins have made no secret of their disappointment surrounding their villainous portrayal on the show this year, and an on-set spy tells us that the 28-year-olds' distrust in the producers has made them question whether they even want to attend the auction.
"You can see it in their faces – they've had enough of the way they feel they were portrayed, the judges' harsh scores and how they feel it's all rigged," says our insider.
"They definitely feel it's been set up for Kirsty and Jesse to win and that they're going to be embarrassed on auction day."
Last Sunday night Luke and Josh teased they had a huge bombshell to drop about the now-infamous photo scandal, and with the revelation set to air on auction day this week, our spy says it could have a catastrophic impact on auction results!
"It'll definitely bring fairness into play, depending on what this particular team achieve in profit," says the source.
"Many people may feel like they don't deserve to walk away with any money at all!"

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