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The Block stars Andy and Deb’s children evacuate amid ‘catastrophic’ bushfire emergency

The couple have been unable to return home, after being in Melbourne for The Block finale

The Block couple Andy and Deb are among the thousands of people in New South Wales and Queensland currently facing out-of-control bushfires.
The fires raging across the two states have devastated families, who have lost their homes, pets, and, tragically for some, their lives.
Andy and Deb's family home, in Wallabi Point in NSW, is among those under threat. The duo are still making their way home following The Block finale taping in Melbourne on Saturday.
The couple have finally been able to book a flight to reunite with their children, who have evacuated to a nearby relief centre.
"The kids have had to pack up the home — they have taken passports, birth certificates — following the evacuation steps they been given," Deb tells news.
From left to right: Andy, Tyler, Deb, Leilanie, Luca, Gregg and Deb's sister Susan. Image: Supplied
As the fire has made its way closer to their town, Deb reveals their children have bravely defended the home.
"My eldest daughter Leilanie climbed up onto the roof and filled the gutters with water.
"They also pulled in the outdoor furniture (some of which got burned) and also rolled wet towels against all the doors to stop the smoke and fire coming in."
Andy tells Domain that they appreciate the efforts of their neighbours and friends while they were stuck in Melbourne.
"It really put things into perspective," Andy says. "I mean, here we are doing something as amazing as The Block auctions and people are struggling at home."
Firefighters battle flames in Taree, near Wallabi Point. Image: Getty
Andy and Deb have four children; their biological children Luca, 14, and Tyler, nine, and two children who they fostered eight years ago, Leilanie, now 22, and Gregg, now 21.
"Luca and Tyler have had two extra people to love," Deb says of their decision to become foster parents.
"The little ones idolised the two big kids and they did so much together – games outside in the yard, dressing up and filming short movies. There was a lot of laughter."
Deb and Andy's children have evacuated. Image: Instagram, Andy Saunders
The couple are walking away from The Block with $430,000 in winnings, which will help their family to live mortgage free in Wallabi Point.
As they make their way home, Andy has shared a message of gratitude on his Instagram account.
"To my friends and all my family back gome, I am so glad you're safe and things have calmed," he writes. "I love you all so much and can't wait to get back."