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The Block 2019 Finale: Auction Day Results

Which teams won big on a "gold rush" auction day in St. Kilda?

By Tina Burke
After 14 massive weeks it is FINALLY tools down for the teams on The Block. In Sunday night's grand finale, the five teams faced auction day at The Oslo in St Kilda, Melbourne.
With the reserve set for the transformed townhouses at $2.990 million across the board, the pressure was on for teams to make it above reserve for a "take-home profit".
At the end of the day, only one team could be crowned winners of The Block, securing an additional $100,000 in prize-money as reward for working on the highest-selling home.
Scroll through to see how your favourite teams have fared…


Reserve: $2.990 million
Total Profit: $3.374 million
Take-Home Profit: $384,000
Channeling a Palm Springs party vibe, Mitch and Mark chose to forego the plans of The Block architect, in favour of their own design.
It was a decision they questioned throughout the build, though they're sure to be walking away happy with their profit. With more than $380,000 in the bank, last place never felt so good.


Reserve: $2.990 million
Total Profit: $3.620 million
Take-Home Profit: $630,000 + $100,000 prize-money.
They may have been underestimated by some in The Oslo, but our youngest team, Tess and Luke, can't wipe the smiles off their faces after winning the big bucks.
"It hasn't sunk in yet. This is life-changing stuff," Luke tells TV WEEK after their win.
Read our chat with the winners here.


Reserve $2.990 million
Total Profit: $3.420 million,
Take-Home Profit: $430,000
Deb and Andy's relaxed coastal-style haven was sure to bring in the big bucks. After all, it was the house that brought judge Shaynna Blaze to tears.


Reserve: $2.990 million
Total Profit: $3.450 million
Take-Home Profit: $460,000
Despite kicking off their Block journey with a roller-coaster week, and later suffering budget issues, the couple finished strong with a contemporary family home.
El'ise and Matt came in second, with a casual $460,000 to take home to their family.


Reserve: $2.990 million
Total Profit: $3.378 million
Take-Home Profit: $388,000
Last up, in house number and auction order, were Jesse and Mel. The couple ended the day on a high, coming in almost $390,000 over reserve.
Congratulations to all The Block teams on their incredible results! With another year done and dusted, Nine has already confirmed plans for the new season in 2020.
Scott Cam will return as host of The Block alongside Shelley Craft. Judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, foreman Keith Schleiger and his right-hand man, Dan Reilly, will all return for the show's 16th season.
The new blockheads will be taking on working on a huge block of land in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. Bring it on!

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