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The Block 2018 finale: Auction day results

Which teams won big on auction day at The Gatwick in St Kilda?

By Tina Burke
Auction day has arrived at The Gatwick in St Kilda, with The Block finale airing tonight on the Nine Network and 9Now.
Our favourite teams took on the tough crowd of potential bidders in Melbourne, each managing to sell their apartments well above the reserve prices.
Keep scrolling for the auction day results from The Block: Gatwick.

1. Kerrie and Spence (Apartment 1)

First off the rank were South Australian couple Kerrie and Spence, whose decision to pick the bottom apartment in the historic Gatwick building paid off big time.
The couple's apartment had a reserve price of $2.45 million, minus $15,000 in winnings from the challenge apartment. This set their reserve at $2.435 million
Kerrie and Spence's apartment sold for $2.85 million, leaving the couple with an incredible $415,000 in prize money.
"We felt super nervous, because I felt a real responsibility to do well for the other guys, to make sure a bar was set quite high," Kerrie says of the auction.
"It's only kind of sinking in, it hasn't dropped yet!" Kerrie tells TV WEEK. "I turn 50 next year and we said if we made some money we would go overseas, so we're going!"
"We'll do a river cruise with all the oldies!" adds Spence.

2. Sara and Hayden (Apartment 3)

New South Wales duo Sara and Hayden made the bold choice to forego the penthouses at the beginning of the series, instead choosing an apartment on the second floor.
Their apartment sold for well over the reserve, which was $2.5 million minus $15,000 of challenge winnings (setting the reserve at $2.475 million).
Sara and Hayden's apartment sold for an incredible $3.02 million, earning them $545,000 in profit. The pair took out the top spot in the competition, earning an extra $100,000 in prize-money (taking their total up to $645,000).
The happy couple will be re-investing their winnings, but not before taking a well-earned family holiday.
"We've actually got another renovation that Hayden has started, so we're going to reinvest it into that," says Sara. "Possibly even go away on a little holiday!"

3. Jess and Norm (Penthouse 1)

Jess and Norm's penthouse apartment had a high reserve of $2.65 million, and with no challenge winnings to help lower the price.
The couple from the Sunshine Coast still managed to sell well above their reserve price, scoring an incredible $2.859 million for the penthouse.
Walking away with $209,000 to their names, Jess and Norm are more than happy to be the "losers" of this season.
"We're feeling like the greatest losers in Australia!" Jess tells TV WEEK.
"I'd lose every time to get $209,000," adds Norm. "When we hit reserve I was happy! I didn't care if we made $10,000 or a million bucks."
"I mean, to come last and still get over $200,000, how good is The Block this year?" says Jess.
Jess and Norm reveal they will be "knocking off some debts" with the money, and spending more quality time with their two children, Freddie and Matilda.
"Norm will have to work less hours," says Jess. "I'll be able to work less, we'll get to cuddle our kids and it's just going to be beautiful!"

4. Bianca and Carla (Penthouse 2)

Best friends Bianca and Carla scored the penthouse with city views. Their reserve was set at $2.7 million, with $10,000 in challenge winnings taking it down to $2.69 million.
Their stunning penthouse sold for $2.991 million, leaving the girls with $301,000 to take home.
"We're over the moon!" says Bianca. "To walk away with $150,00 each is just… it will change our lives!"
"I think it's gonna take a couple of days to kick in," adds Carla.
As for their plans for the money, the ladies reveal they'll be enjoying a well-earned holiday.
"We both have mortgages so naturally, you're going to put some of the money towards that, but we need a holiday!" says Bianca.

5. Courtney and Hans (Apartment 2)

Last up on auction day were Courtney and Hans, whose second-level apartment had the lowest reserve price at $2.4 million. Minus an incredible $40,000 in challenge winnings, their reserve price came down to $2.36 million.
Their apartment sold for $2.77 million, leaving the high-flying duo with $410,000 in prize money.
"We were worried there wouldn't be any more buyers left, so I was quite emotional going in to the room with Scotty but we had faith in our auctioneer Jessie!" Courtney tells TV WEEK.
"Since day one [the money] was always going to be put in to a house in Perth," says Courtney.
In a great turn of events, their apartment was actually purchased by twins Rose and Yvette, who owned The Gatwick for 46 years.
"We're so excited that Rose and Yvette bought our apartment!" says Courtney.
"We can't believe it!" adds Hans.
Congratulations to all The Block teams on their incredible wins!

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