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The Block 2018 Finale: Hayden and Sara share their baby joy

The happy couple reveal they are expecting!

By Tina Burke
The Block contestants Hayden and Sara have announced exciting news on auction day: they're expecting a baby!
The happy couple - who are already parents to two-year-old Harlow - shared the news with host Scott Cam, and all the excited bidders, ahead of their auction in tonight's series finale.
Sara, 31, and Hayden, 45, say their announcement was also a surprise for their families.
"None of our family knew, expect Harlow," Sara tells TV WEEK.
"It was big news for us to tell everyone about the baby, so that was exciting," says Hayden.
Sara and Hayden with their two-year-old daughter Harlow.
The couple also did a gender reveal before the auction took place, cutting a cake that showed they are expecting a baby boy.
"We didn't even know the gender. We just had the results sent straight to The Block team," says Sara.
Sara and Hayden reveal they are expecting a boy!
Though they may have only just found out they are expecting a boy, one thing is for sure, their special Block baby won't be named for the show's host Scott.
"No!" Sara laughs when asked if she would consider it. "I'm putting it out there, no, sorry!"
Congratulations to the happy couple! Now, here's hoping they score big in the auction at The Gatwick.

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