The Block

The Block's Norm and Jess just made a very special (and hilarious) announcement

Is that a bun in the oven?

By Anita Lyons
After Sunday's controversial finale of The Block, blockheads Norm Hogan and Jess Eva have taken to Instagram with a special announcement of their own.
In a post on their joint social account, Jess can be seen with her belly sticking out, daughter Matilda, one, in the background and a very excited Norm pointing to her bare tum.
"ANNOUNCEMENT! We've had so many people ask us if we are pregnant and we just wanted to let you all know ..... secrets out.......", they wrote, while adding: "I bloody love a pie.... and there's nothing but pies and burgers in this baby maker. Norm couldn't be prouder and the kids are stoked. Mum and pies doing fine."

Even though the post is just for fun, the idea of another baby to add to their brood is not totally out of the question.
In a new interview with Woman's Day, on stands now, Jess, 33, said: "Freddie already thinks I'm having another baby."
"I've put back on all the weight I've lost on The Block! Freddie would love another one to play with and I know Matilda would love it too."
"It costs nothing to make a baby but having less debt will make it a lot easier to have a third child," the 33-year old radio presenter said.
"Norm is a builder and so when wet weather hits, it means a job is cancelled and he doesn't get paid. It would be great to have the security to know we can make the next mortgage payment if that happens."
The Block, they say, was the most amount of time they've spent together and it's only deepened the love they feel for each other.
"I feel like we really reconnected and our relationship became much stronger," Jess said.

Jess and Norm's humour could not have come at a better time, particularly after Scotty Cam made headlines on Monday morning when viewers slammed the host for being "casually racist" during Sunday's show.
The remarks, which have since been labelled "eye-raising" and "casually sexist", did not go unnoticed by the women, who looked incredibly uncomfortable, but laughed it off.
As the pair's apartment reached $2,982,500 - the two women were clearly chuffed and in all the excitement Scott said: "Not bad for a couple of single girls, aye," he said, before patronisingly adding: "You'll be off the market now! There's two million people watching this show. Coupla good sorts with plenty of cash..."
"Chasing cash, Scotty..." Carly asked.
"That's right, they'll be lining up!" he responded.
As you could probably imagine, Twitter was not happy.
Scotty Cam during the live auction for Bianca and Carla's penthouse. (Source: Channel Nine)
The Block's Bianca Chatfield and Carla Dziwoki, during Sunday's finale. (Source: Channel Nine)
Of course, there was also news of a real Blockhead baby - with winners, Hayden and Sara announcing that they expecting baby number two!
The happy couple - who are already parents to two-year-old Harlow - shared the news with host Scott Cam, and all the excited bidders, ahead of their auction in Sunday's series finale - including a gender reveal to announce it was a baby boy!
Sara, 31, and Hayden, 45, said their announcement was also a surprise for their families.
"None of our family knew, expect Harlow," Sara told TV WEEK.
Sara and Hayden with their two-year-old daughter Harlow. (Source: Instagram)
"It was big news for us to tell everyone about the baby, so that was exciting," said Hayden.
The couple won the series after making $545,000 above their reserve price of $2.5 million.
With the additional $100,000 prize-money for winning the series, they're walking away with $645,000.