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Not a fan! Matty J takes a swipe at The Bachelorette’s Ryan Anderson

“He just seemed a bit like he was above it all”

By Erin Doyle
Ryan Anderson was infamous for ruffling feathers as he fought for Angie Kent's heart on The Bachelorette this season.
He wasn't making friends with his love rivals on the reality show, but it seems he's also rubbed former contestant Matty "J" Johnson up the wrong way too.
Speaking on his new podcast, The Babble with Nat Bass & Matty J, the dad-of-one took aim at Ryan after co-host Natalie Bassingwaithe described him as a better match for Angie than eventual winner Carlin Sterritt.
"With Ryan I just didn't like the fact that he won the Cosmo Tinder Bachelor of the Year, he had been DMing Angie but then never got the guts to say hey let's go for a coffee," Matty said.
"Something was just… he just seemed a bit like he was above it all when he was on the show."
Matty also joked that one of Ryan's date with Angie was so boring that she "faked" being seasick to get out of it.
Nat (left) thought Ryan was perfect for Angie, but Matty J (right) wasn't convinced. Image: Supplied
During the course of the show, Ryan made enemies for ignoring the "bro code" and being single-minded in his pursuit of Angie, admitting he didn't sign up "to make friends".
After being booted from the show, Ryan's Bachelorette co-star Alex Mckay even revealed that the "dog guy" refused to sleep in the same room as the others.
"He actually used to sleep on the couch in the lounge room by himself rather than in the rooms with us," Alex admitted.
"I think he would only get like two or three hours of sleep a night. I think he would sometimes get up at like three or four AM, and we would just hear the weights clanging or the air bike going down in the gym and you would just be like, 'Ryan, go to bed mate'."
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Meanwhile, similar to many other Bachelorette fans, Matty J hinted on the podcast he was also disappointed by Angie's choice to pick Carlin over Timm Hanly.
Hesitating before relaying his thoughts on the winner, Matty said: "I'm happy because Angie is happy and she's found love and that is what's most important. But a part of me wanted Timm… I love Timm."
Ryan made enemies on the show as he fought for Angie's love. Image: Network Ten

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