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Grant Kemp’s shock claim: 'Bachelorette Ali is baby-trapping Taite!'

Grant claims his ex Ali is “very extreme” and predicts her relationship with Taite will “escalate quickly.”

With two failed attempts at finding love on TV under her belt, Ali Oetjen had one thing on her mind when she signed on to be the Bachelorette – to meet the father of her children.
"I'm here to find to someone to take home to mum and dad… someone to marry and start a family with," the 32-year-old revealed, before adding, "My biological clock is ticking."
And now, Ali's Bachelor In Paradise ex Grant Kemp, believes she's so desperate to have children she may have actually "baby-trapped" winner Taite Radley.
"I wouldn't be surprised if she tried. I wouldn't be shocked at all, as bad as that sounds," the reality star tells Woman's Day.
Grant, who dumped Ali after she allegedly cheated on him with his friend, added Ali knows what she wants and is determined to get it.
"I know she wants to settle down and have a family."
Grant claims ex-girlfriend Ali is "very extreme." (Image: Network 10)
And now she's found The One in hunky bank manager Taite Radley, her dream of motherhood could finally coming true.
Just days before last week's finale aired, which saw Taite give Ali a commitment ring during a romantic ceremony in the Northern Territory, Ali was spotted out and about in Sydney with the hint of a bump showing underneath her blue dress.
"It definitely looks like she's pregnant," reveals an onlooker.
Is that the hint of a bump, Ali? (Image: exclusive Media Mode)
Chucking a Meghan Markle? At one point, the reality star carried a large bag across her stomach. (Image: exclusive Media Mode)
While Taite, 28, confessed to Ali during the finale, which was filmed three months ago, that he wasn't ready to accept her pressing timeline for kids and marriage just yet, it looks like life had other plans for the couple.
"If Ali is expecting, I'd say she might have just entered her second trimester," adds the onlooker.
Ali tried downplaying the baby buzz when Woman's Day chatted with her and Taite after the finale last week.
However, she was adamant about one thing… "I think Tait would make an amazing father," she gushes. "He would give [our kids] so much time and love."
Things are moving quickly for loved-up Ali and the undisputed man of her dreams, Taite. (Image: exclusive Media Mode)
Ali was spotted out and about in Sydney with the hint of a bump showing underneath her blue dress. (Image: exclusive Media Mode)
What's more, she wouldn't be fazed if she were to find out they're expecting double trouble!
"I want twins… one boy and one girl," Ali declares.
And she may be in luck, as Taite reveals to us, "My mum has told me there are twins in the family. I'm excited at the prospect of becoming a father."
Babies aren't the only thing the couple are planning for. They've already started talking about their wedding, too!
"Funnily enough, when Ali was speaking about her dream wedding, they asked me what mine was and it was also a beach wedding. I thought I was being stitched up," Taite tells Woman's Day.
"I want Somewhere Over The Rainbow playing, surrounded by family, friends and wearing a flowy dress," adds loved-up Ali.
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Ali wants twins with Tait! (Image: Network 10)
There is one thing the couple don't see eye to eye on when it comes to their future big day, though. Ali says she won't be inviting any former contestants, however Taite is a little less rigid in his view.
"[The Bachelors] have shared this entire experience – we grew close in the house," he tells us. "If we did become closer friends [after the show] we'd definitely invite them."
For now, the couple are just enjoying being able to finally flaunt their love in public.
"We've been like secret agents, we've had to have secret catch-ups," reveals Taite. "It's been hard."
And while they were on the show, moving to Adelaide seemed liked a prerequisite for Ali's eventual winner.
But now she says, "We'll be living somewhere where we are both happy with our careers and our lifestyle," before hinting the pair might eventually settle in Taite's hometown of Melbourne.
"We really want to enjoy each other's company," says the smitten star. "We want to set ourselves up with our lives together."

Heartbroken Todd: ‘I can’t move on’

Meanwhile runner-up Todd King has struggled to move on since Ali broke his heart three months ago.
"I didn't see any outcome except for us to be together," a clearly devastated Todd tells Woman's Day.
He'd even picked out an engagement ring, and broke down on set after Ali told him he hadn't won her heart.
"I definitely haven't moved on, it hasn't crossed my mind to do so," he adds.
Todd is still nursing his broken heart. (Image: Network 10)
But Ali tells Woman's Day she definitely stands by her decision to pick Taite, despite Todd confessing that he saw Ali as a wife and the mother of "their" children.
Since filming finished, Todd, 26, has caught the attention of almost every single girl in Australia. But it appears he's still too hung up on Ali to become the new Bachelor or take part in Bachelor In Paradise – even though he was spotted in Fiji last week.
"It was shattering – I never pre-empted losing her. I was so confident the whole way through and the last day was absolutely gut-wrenching," he says.
"I'm not ready to put myself out there again."

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