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"You've won the heart of every woman in Australia": Fans are begging for Ciarran to be The Bachelor in 2020

C'mon Channel Ten, let's make this happen!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Guys, our hearts are broken.
Dubbed "Australia's boyfriend", all-round legend and surprise fan-favourite Ciarran Stott left the Bachelorette mansion in the most heartbreaking of circumstances last night, after hearing his beloved Nan had passed away.
But just moments after his emotional departure, fans were already calling on the lovable Brit to be cast as the Bachelor in 2020.
"He is Australia's boyfriend. We all fell head over heels for him," one fan wrote on Twitter, while another described the blonde hunk as having a "heart of gold and genuine, also extremely handsome."
And this viewer summed up everyone's reaction perfectly, writing on Instagram: "You've won the heart of every woman in Australia ❤️ your absolutely dynamite."
Ciarran broke down as he explained what happened to Angie. (Image: Network Ten)
Viewers were devastated by Ciarran's sudden departure, especially seeing as he and Angie had formed such a strong connection.
Channel 10, we hope you're listening, because Bachie fans are desperate for Ciarran to return to our TV screens next year as the Bachelor!
Early on in Thursday's episode, we found out that the 26-year-old's Nan, his "rock" and "saving grace" had passed away and he had to make the tough decision to leave the show.
Heartbroken, Angie agreed that family came first and after an emotional kiss and tearful farewell, our dear sweet Ciarran left the mansion in a limousine.
"What if he was the one?" a devastated Angie asked, as she watched his car leave.
Ciarran left the mansion after the sudden passing of his beloved Nan. (Image: Network Ten)
And on Thursday night, Ciarran finally broke his silence on his own Instagram and wrote the most amazing tribute to Angie.
"So as you all now know I'm no longer apart of the show or in the race for Angie's heart! Due to unforeseen family reasons I had to make the choice of leaving," he wrote.
"This was by far the hardest decision I had to make on here. Knowing that I had an amazing connection with Angie and then having to tell her I had to leave was just gut wrenching. She is an amazing woman and is full of love to give and can never wipe that big smile off her face!
"Thank you for letting me be apart of this experience on your quest (not journey) to find a man you can hopefully say "I love you" too. I wish Angie all the best for the rest of the show and now all the lads in there finally have a chance now I'm not longer in the race haha! Big love to you all! @angiekent_ @bacheloretteau".
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So, Channel 10, waddya think?
Let's make #CiarranBachelor2020 a thing!