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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette’s James reveals he secretly clashed with one of his fellow contestants

''I’ll tell it to his face.''

By Maddison Hockey
The Bachelorette's "last supper" took a spicy turn last night when contestant James Boggia's temper got the better of him.
The 28-year-old became frustrated at Elly Miles' answer when questioned, once again, about her relationship with former flame turned 2020 contestant, Joe Woodbury.
He only became further agitated when Becky was asked about Elly's "type".
In her response, Becky touched on each of Elly's other suitors – Adam, Joe and Frazer.
Having been left out of Becky's answer, James' emotions reached boiling point.
The awkward outburst saw Elly label the pro wake boarder a "hot head" before ultimately being sent home.
Now, Now To Love chats to James fresh from his time in the mansion about the outburst and the contestant he secretly didn't get along with on the show.
James' emotions got the better of him. (Channel Ten)
James, it was a rough way to leave the show, so many emotions, how are you feeling?
It's good to be back in the real world, that's for sure. Unfortunately I didn't come out with my goal, but, you know, that's life.
It was an intense dinner party, particularly for you, why did you get so upset in that moment?
I think as much as I can say I was ready, I was not ready for being put in there with 20 boys and making friendships and then all going for the same girl and, you kind of get in your own head. But, unfortunately my emotions got the better of me and I did some things that weren't the right thing to do.
James had genuine feelings for Elly. (Instagram)
Do you have any regrets looks back at that last supper?
I don't regret anything in life, as bad as that sounds. It's all a learning curve. Unfortunately, I did the wrong thing, you know, I've got to change from that. That's all it is.
Often we see people claim they've received an "edit", do you think everyone came across on screen how they are in real life?
No, they've shown what they wanted to show and I think they've done well with their season. At the end of the day there was great moments and some hard moments, that all got shown. It's hard with TV, if you do something that is the character you'll be, but you did do it, so you have to cop it on the chin.
There's a lot of personalities under one roof, did everyone get along in the mansion?
Everyone was sick. Saying that, 99% of the guys were good.
Who made it into that 1%
I'll say it when he's in front of me, I'll tell it to his face. But there is one person.
Mysterious… Who would you say is going to win?
Ooh, I'd have to say one of the top three for both the ladies [laughs].