The Bachelorette Australia

This sneaky screenshot could prove Frazer Neate wins Bachelorette Elly’s heart

Spoiler alert!

By Maddison Hockey
Despite having a somewhat mysterious past and obvious romantic connection with contestant Joe Woodbury, its Frazer Neate who has been pegged as Elly Miles' frontrunner on The Bachelorette.
From day one Elly's interest in the initially shy concreter from Queenslander was very clear.
Speaking to the camera after his entrance to the mansion, Elly giggled: "Frazer... he is gorgeous! Physically, hello Christmas!"
It was an instant attraction for Elly. (Channel Ten)
Aside from getting the infamous "wife/hubby" edit upon his arrival, an obvious clue he takes out the show, another much more solid piece of evidence has now emerged.
A screenshot has emerged in recent days, uncovered by The Wash, claiming the 28-year-old let slip he makes the finale while attending a wedding last year.
The message in question came via influencer Katrina West as it was sent to her from somebody who met Frazer at said wedding.
Frazer's captured Elly's heart. (Channel Ten)
At the event Frazer revealed he'd "just finished two weeks of quarantine" after returning home from filming The Bachelorette.
"Fraser was a groomsman at my parents' friend's daughter's wedding about 2 weeks ago. He said that just before the wedding he had finished 2 weeks quarantine after being in The Bachelor mansion. Makes me think he got pretty far," the message reads.
Spoiler alert! (The Wash)
Now, this is where things get interesting, or as interesting as this season could possibly be.
The wedding reportedly occurred in the third week of September, taking his two weeks quarantine into account this would mean he wrapped filming in the first week – which has previously been reported as the week the finale was filmed.
It may not confirm he wins, but we know who we'd bet all our roses on.
Sparks flew with their first one-on-one date. (Channel Ten)
Fans first pegged Frazer as a fruntrunner very early on thanks to his "hubby" edit entrance.
"Frasier getting the wifey edit. #TheBacheloretteAU" one Twitter user commented.
"Fraser is top 2," another confidently shared.
In this year's season of The Bachelor with Locky Gilbert, fans instantly recognised the slow paced music edit for eventual winner Irena Srbinovska.
With every season of the franchise, betting agencies are already placing odds on the winner, and judging by past seasons, they're typically quite accurate.
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