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"We would be a power couple": Could dark horse James be Elly's new front-runner on The Bachelorette?

James is confident he and Elly are headed somewhere.

By TV Week team
While all eyes might be on the chemistry between Bachelorette Elly and concreter Frazer, there is another relationship developing that is going to get the mansion talking.
Pro wakeboarder James Boggia was lucky enough to get the mini-date with Elly last week, and has revealed that the connection between the pair grew stronger every day.
"Once we touched lips we couldn't stop," James says of the attraction between them. While he might not be the name being talked about to win the 25-year-old's heart, James says the other boys need to watch out.
"I'm not sure about me being a dark horse but I should be on all the boys' radar for taking Elly's heart," James admits.
One to watch: James thinks he and Elly's romance has the potential to go all the way. (Images: Channel 10)
Although Elly might be dating multiple men, James, 28, isn't worried about it, and believes the two of them have a special connection.
"The thing I am falling for is her kind heart and how adventurous she is to be honest," James says.
"Every second around her she makes me feel safe and I really enjoy her company."
"Every second around her she makes me feel safe and I really enjoy her company." (Image: Instagram)
So does he see her picking him at the end?
"Without a doubt we would be a power couple and have so many amazing adventures together."

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