The Bachelorette Australia

Literal knight in shining armour Todd King has slammed The Bachelorette, and fellow contestants are backing him

''Think of the message you’re sending.''

By Maddison Hockey
When Elly and Becky Miles were announced as this year's double Bachelorette's the news was met with mixed reactions.
There was surprise and confusion as the franchise introduced the first double season we've seen in Australia and then there was disappointment that yet again the leading lady, or in this case ladies, lacked any diversity.
Ex Bachelorette contestant Todd King, who memorably arrived at the mansion for Oli Oetjen's season in a knight costume, has now joined the many voices slamming the show.
In 2109, Todd made a memorable entrance in this get-up. (Channel Ten)
Commenting on one of The Bachelorette Australia's Instagram posts, and spotted by So Dramatic, Todd commented: "Would love to see @channel10au employ non-white lead as Bachelorette."
He went on to add: "This is becoming strictly homogenous. @bacheloretteau Think of the message you're sending young girls who's mothers are watching your program."
Elly and Becky's announcement received mixed reaction. (Channel Ten)
Fellow Bachelor star Vakoo Kauapirura then backed up Todd's comments, adding: "They should really listen to the people."
As well as Kiki Morris, who recently appeared on Bachelor In Paradise with troublesome partner Ciarran Stott.
"😍 Agree with Todd! My fellow indigenous women deserve a fair chance!" she wrote.
Shortly after Elly and Becky's announcement broke Abbie Chatfield, who famously clashed with Elly on Matt Agnew's season, also shared her desire for not only a culturally diverse Bachelorette but one that celebrates the LGBTQIA community.
"I was hoping it would be Brooke Blurton [from Nick Cummins' season], she seemed like a good choice for racial diversity and also representing the LGBTQIA+ community, and she's great," Abbie told Who.
Brooke was a fan favourite for the Bachelorette gig. (Channel Ten)
The show's executive producer Hilary Innes recently defended the lack of diversity on the show in an interview with B&T, saying it's not "easy".
"You do your best. But you've also got to make sure you have people here who fit the bill in terms of what sorts of guys that the girls are looking for."
Despite saying they try to cast as diversely as possible, when it came to casting Elly and Becky as leading ladies, it was the family bond that won producers over.
"It was more about the strength of the bond with family and friendship that pushed it through for us."