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EXCLUSIVE: Former Bachelorette star Todd King wants in on Angie Kent’s season

''I’m definitely a lot more attracted to Angie than I was to Ali, if I’m honest.''

By Anita Lyons
With the announcement of our next Bachelorette, Australia has been sent into a tizzy over former Gogglebox star, Angie Kent, who has been given the coveted role.
And while fans are excited over the appointment – there's one recognisable guy who also has his eye on the down to earth beauty.
Remember Todd King - the handsome runner-up on Ali Oetjen's season whose heart was crushed into a million little pieces on National television?
Well, the 27-year-old sales rep has revealed exclusively to Now to Love that he would consider re-applying for the show – and all because of Angie.
"I think if I had the chance to apply again, I would more so go for Angie's season because I like how she's a little bit rough around the edges and that she's a little bit of a bogan," he said.
"I'm definitely a lot more attracted to Angie than I was to Ali, so I guess that's a good place to start."
Todd King and Ali inset with Angie Kent, the next Bachelorette! (Source: Network Ten/Instagram)
"I've seen a couple of clips of her and I think the main thing that attracts me is that she's really funny," he admits.
"I just feel like being able to bounce of each other and having good banter is for me, the key to all my relationships, because at the end of the day, the attraction eventually goes to some degree, and the sex life goes and if you can just have really good chat, you can easily spend the rest of your life together." Naaww, swoon!
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While Todd is currently in the throes of applying to be a Police Officer, the still-single Perthian hasn't closed the door on love - so does this mean he is going to apply for the show?
"I would definitely for Angie because I can see a lot of things in common, but for me right now with the whole police gig it wouldn't fit in with the timing, but who knows.
"Put it this way, if she pulled a honey badger and didn't pick anyone…well, fingers crossed that happens!"
Todd wowed Ali as her knight in shining armour last year. (Source: Network Ten)
After being left heartbroken in last year's Bachelorette finale, Australia had mixed feelings for Todd.
In fact, most of the feels came from the fact that we had indeed been Matty J'd all over again.
Sweet precious angel Todd was not only in love with Ali, but he was also willing to sacrifice his own career and plans for the future to give her the family she wanted, in the time frame she said she wanted.
"The one thing I can give you, guaranteed, is that I'm always going to sacrifice for you," he told Ali.
Ali and Taite on the set of the Bachelorette. (Source: Network Ten)
While Ali chose Taite in the penultimate episode, Australia had already fallen in love with her runner-up, even calling for Todd to be the next Bachelor.
While he didn't get the top job, he does think Matt Agnew will be great.
"Matt looks like he's perfect for the gig," Todd said. "I would have thought I'd be perfect for it.
"It's an interesting one, because a lot of people were pushing for me and a lot of people were pushing for a normal person.
"But in my mind I am a normal person and I don't consider myself any kind of celebrity or public figure, so it's a weird one.
"I was kind of excited for the prospect of it but he sounds like he's in a more stable place in his life to settle down, so I think the Australian public is going to love him."