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Will Bachelorette producers throw in some celebrity suitors for Angie Kent?

The new Bachelorette has her sights set on an all-star cast.

Australia's newest Bachelorette admits she's "never given love a go". But after eight years of being single "by choice", popular Gogglebox star-turned-relationship hunter Angie Kent is said to be relishing her new quest to snag a man – and has her eyes on a celebrity!
Sources tell Woman's Day Angie, 29, is so keen to find her perfect match she's urged producers to approach a number of eligible TV bachelors who've already piqued her interest.
"Angie was always vocal on Gogglebox about who she did and didn't like, and she sees this as a chance to make a connection with some of the guys she really took a fancy to," says a well-placed insider.
"Take Todd King from Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette. Angie loved him on the show and thinks he'd be perfect boyfriend material, so she feels why not invite him back?"
Indeed, Todd himself has revealed he's attracted to the bubbly blonde. "I think if I had the chance to apply again [for The Bachelorette], I'd more so go for Angie's season because I like how she's a little bit rough around the edges," he has said. "I'm definitely a lot more attracted to Angie than I was to Ali."
WATCH: Todd King's journey on The Bachelorette Australia 2018. Post continues after video...
Angie is said to be so committed to her search for love she doesn't just want one fellow reality star thrown into the mix – insiders say she wants a whole heap of celebrity singles to choose from.
Show bosses are said to be seriously considering the option, eyeing up talent from rival network Nine's Married At First Sight and other programs.
"Producers think it could be a great way to mix things up and keep viewers interested and boost ratings after the dismal Bachelor In Paradise and Ali Oetjen's Bachelorette season, which also bombed," says the source.
"Angie was always vocal on Gogglebox about who she did and didn't like." (Image: Instagram @angiekent_)
"They know it's something that's never been done before and it's right to do this season, given Angie's past and this being her third stint on a reality show, after I'm A Celeb…"
But while Angie is all for a reality show filled with celebrity suitors, it seems finding guys to go along with the plan isn't quite so easy.
"It's a big ask for a few of them, especially some of the guys who didn't have the most positive experience on their own shows," says the source. "Some were genuinely left heartbroken by their appearance on TV and others got a lot of backlash."
And those who do make the cut need to tick a lot of boxes if they're in with a chance of winning Angie's heart – she's been candid about the fact she has a type. "They'll have to have an epic sense of humour, not take themselves too seriously and also be true to themselves," she says.
"He's smart and funny and everything I look for in a man," Angie said of Bachelor Matt. (Image: Instagram @osher_gunsberg)

Could The Bachelor be her back-up?

They're on their own separate "journeys" to find love, but at last week's TV WEEK Logies, fans were buzzing about how cute Angie and new Bachelor Matt Agnew, 31, would be together!
Calling him a "beautiful specimen", Angie says, "He's smart and funny and everything I look for in a man."

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