The Bachelorette Australia

Angie Kent tells why she signed up to be The Bachelorette Australia

“I was stuck in a rut!”

By Zara Zubeidi
She captured the hearts of the nation on Gogglebox Australia and won a legion of fans on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!
Now, Angie Kent will return to our screens once more as the Bachelorette – and the likeable reality star says her new gig marks an exciting new chapter in her life, where she finally feels herself.
"I was stuck in a rut for a few years," Angie, 29, tells TV WEEK. "Prior to being in the jungle, I didn't know the real Angie. But there, I was stripped back and vulnerable. I was 100 per cent myself.
"When I came out, I was like, 'I quite like the lady I turned out to be. This [The Bachelorette Australia] is exactly what I need to do.'"
Angie found fame with her Gogglebox co-star Yvie.
With filming set to get underway soon, it's clear Angie's journey on The Bachelorette Australia will differ to that of her predecessor, Ali Oetjen.
Unlike Ali – who was clear about her desire to settle down and have children as soon as possible – Angie says she isn't "a timeline sort of girl".
"I'm a big believer in everything happening at the right time," she explains. "I'm not set on getting married, but if I meet the right person and they're keen, I could maybe change my mind.
"I definitely want kids, but I don't have a timeline on it. You can't put too much pressure on these things."
"I'm a big believer in everything happening at the right time!"
Single for eight years, Angie says she doesn't have a "type". That said, her Mr Right does need to have a sense of humour and, ideally, have a different cultural background.
"I love culture – that's what I'm looking for," she says. "I'm generally attracted to mixed-race guys, but I don't want people to think I won't date white guys.
"I want there to be a variety of people; I don't want an all-white cast – that's not what I'm into."
While seeing a more diverse line-up of suitors in the Bachie mansion is a big plus for Angie, there's one person she doesn't want to see walking towards her on the red carpet: her I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! co-star Justin Lacko.
"I believe that Justin would never walk down the red carpet," Angie says. "I think in the beginning of the jungle he might have been… He could have said he would do it. But now I think he sees me as I see him which is a jungle brother and sister."
Angie says she and Justin are like "brother and sister."
Another famous face Angie doesn't expect to see is last year's runner-up Todd King. Though Todd said he'd be keen on Angie's season of The Bachelorette, she's not quite convinced.
"I think he's only saying that because he didn't get picked, so he's salty," Angie says. "Of course he's going to be like oh yes!"
She also admits that Todd isn't really her type.
"He's lovely but I think he might be too... I don't want to say too sweet because I don't want assholes," she says. "I need someone who can take control but is open to also letting me say my piece too. Cos let's face it, you know I love to say my piece."
Todd doesn't seem to be the right fit for Angie.
We can't wait to see who Angie does make a connection with in the mansion.
The Bachelorette Australia is coming soon to Network 10.

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