The Bachelorette Australia

EXCLUSIVE: Bachelorettes Elly and Becky reveal what REALLY happened behind-the-scenes of their steamy photoshoot

Including a SECRET kiss.

By Amber Giles
Bachelorette Becky, appearing with her younger sister Elly on The Bachelorette Australia, tells TV WEEK the chemistry viewers could see on screen with suitor Pete continued off it too – with a hidden kiss!
"There was most definitely a kiss behind the hat," Becky, 30, admits.
"It was very gentlemanly-like. Pete had asked me if he could kiss me behind the hat, but the boys were there. Once they left, he gave me a secret peck!"
Their on-screen kiss wasn't the only one! (Kristina Soljo)
Becky was keen to get some time alone with Pete, 34, after their first meeting.
"He made a really good first impression on the red carpet and I wanted to get to know him more," she says. "I wanted to see if we could have a bit of fun in front of the camera and by ourselves."
Pete caught Becky's attention early on. (Instagram)
But others stood out for Becky as well.
"I think Adrian surprised me a little bit," she says. "I didn't get a chance to chat to him at the first cocktail party, but on my group photo shoot, he came up and was very confident.
"He was exuding all this good energy. I was watching when Elly was doing her group photo shoot, and Adrian made a point of coming up and getting to know me. So he really stood out."

Elly's red-hot confession

Bachelorette Elly admits there was a red-hot reason she chose 28-year-old concreter Frazer for the single photo shoot with TV WEEK.
"There was a spark there from the start with Frazer and I wanted to see if there was more chemistry," Elly, 25, explains.
"There was a lot of sexual chemistry there, and I think there were parts where we felt awkward because people were watching. But there was a really nice feeling between us.
It doesn't hurt that Frazer has an excellent body, so it wasn't a bad day at the office."
The chemistry was sizzling! (Kristina Soljo)
When you're dating several men at once, some are bound to get jealous, but Elly says her photo shoot went as well as could be expected, with no issues on the day.
"I'm not sure if they were jealous," she says of the boys watching her get up close with Frazer.
"They didn't put on a big song and dance, but I guess if I put myself in their position and was seeing one of the girls oiled up on a guy I was into, I probably would have a bit of 'Dang, I wish that was me!'"

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