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A cheating ex and blindside rumours: Everything we know about Bachelorette Becky Miles’ past boyfriends

''I tried to be honest as possible.''

By Maddison Hockey
It didn't take long after Channel 10 announced sisters Elly and Becky Miles would be The Bachelorettes this year for rumours and digging up of pasts to commence.
One of the biggest shock claims to be made suggested older sister Becky had been in a relationship before getting the call to be the next Bachelorette, insinuating she had dumped her partner for the reality TV gig.
Speaking with Woman's Day, she explained that she wasn't in a relationship but had been "casually dating somebody" before filming started.
"When I told him about this opportunity I tried to be honest as possible and we left on a good note," she said, adding that they had only known each other a "short amount of time."
Becky cleared up rumours she'd ditched an ex for the show. (Instagram)
Ahead of the show's premiere Becky was questioned again about the nature of the relationship during an appearance on Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa show.
"If I was happy in a relationship I wouldn't be coming on here looking for love like I'm not a fame kind of person you know. I was dating someone for a short period of time and he's a great bloke but we weren't at that period where we were in a relationship," Becky reconfirmed.
She also put to bed rumours the man in question was blindsided Locky-Gilbert-to-Brooke-Jowett-style.
"We had a really honest chat and you know I was under nondisclosure agreements so I couldn't be like hey I'm going on the bachelorette but I told him as much as I could."
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Becky is flirty, fun, and ready to find love. (Instagram)
Ahead of this season So Dramatic podcast reported another of Becky's past relationships was set to wreak havoc on her Bachelorette experience, with host Megan Pustetto revealing the older sister was previously cheated on.
"Becky spoke about it openly on the show, but the boys could tell she wasn't over it and still very hurt" Megan says.
"It affected her forming connections with a lot of the guys because she has huge trust issues."
A contestant reportedly told the podcast: "She said to us 'I have to go hard on you guys, it was a couple of years ago but I'm still really affected by it.'"
While this didn't exactly play out on air, a similar cheating confession was made BY Becky at The Bachelorette's halloween cocktail party.
In a game of "Never Have I Ever" Becky confessed to cheating on an ex. While the Bachelorette admitted it had happened at a young age and she'd learnt from her mistake, some of her suitors struggled to come to terms with the revelation.