The Bachelor Australia

BIP's Sam Cochrane parties with Bachelor's Cass Wood

Single Sam is dipping his paw into the honey pot...

By Chloe Lal
Sam Cochrane is well and truly a single man since parting ways from his finance, fellow Bachelor In Paradise star Tara Pavlovic.
And nothing quite heals the heart like some fun time in the sun.
Trading in the Fijian islands for some classic partying, the 31-year-old has been kicking up a storm with his BiP mate Luke McLeod.
And Nick "The Honey Badger" Cummins' Bachelor Australia hopeful Cass Wood.
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Sam's Instagram stories show the BiP star living it up with Cass Wood a contestant from The Honey Badger's series of The Bachelor.
Sam parties with Cass and his fellow BiP castaway, Luke McLeod.
Thanks to a very public Instagram story, Sam sent a message to his fans... And maybe his ex-future-wife, that he's having a bloody good time.
Captioning a video, "Oh yeah," Sam tagged The Bachelor contestant Cass Wood, alongside another girl called Hannah.
Watch the interaction in the video player below!
The trio were all smiles and giggles as they soaked up the fun Balinese vibes.
Sam told his followers he's in Toraja Bambu, Bali.
"Another day in absolute paradise! The most beautiful people ever. Thank you @thebalibible for letting @luke.mcleod and I have the best adventure. Another day another bath."
We'll meet Cass officially on August 15.
Cass Wood was one of the first girls announced by Channel Ten.
On August 15, we'll see the pretty blonde compete for Honey Badger's heart.
Ten shared some exciting intel on Cass, including that she's a footy player and a Miss World Australia NSW Finalist 2017.
Sam is trying to move on from his time with Tara.