The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia: Is this where Nick Cummins met Cass before the show?

A very important Bachie investigation that we may have solved all thanks to this sneaky clue on social media...

By Bella Brennan
The Bachelor Australia 2018 premiere is just 21 sleeps away (who's counting?) and Channel 10 are finally gifting us with some long-awaited teasers to quench our thirst until August 15th.
This week, we were introduced to the first two ladies battling it out for Nick Cummins' heart - Brooke and Cass.
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In an interesting move, we were told straight up that Cass had already crossed paths with the Honey Badger in the outside world.
"In a Bachelor first, they've already met," the voice over explains in Cass's teaser.
"I actually know him," the stunning blonde confesses to the camera.
"Nick and I have socialised in the past together," she adds.
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Cass and Nick live in the same suburb.
When a producer asks if they ever had a romantic encounter, Cass deflects: "Let's just see what he has to say."
"I hope that we already know each other gives me an advantage but at the same time, he does already know me so he might want to get rid of me," she giggles.
While it's definitely not a Bachelor first - in fact, by our count it's a Bachelor third, it seems the franchise is keen to control and contain the story before it inevitably comes out down the track.
Most famously, our 2015 Bachelor Sam Wood hooked up with Rebecca Chin 12 months before they were reunited on-screen but Sam claimed he didn't recognise Bec when filming started.
According to the Daily Telegraph, Nick and Cass have known each other for over a year and have "definitely been more than just friends."
Another friend added they "were dating" before the show.
WATCH: Cass realises she already knows Nick. Post continues...
Bec Chin made out with Sam Wood a whole year before their series of The Bachelor.
Which brings us to our next question, where did Nick Cummins, 30, and Cass, 23, meet before The Bachelor?
Well, the Miss World finalist happens to live in the same beach-side suburb as the former Wallaby star: Manly.
Not only that, but as Now To Love's expert Instagram lurking reveals, Cass and Nick both frequent the exact same cafe in the sunny Sydney hotspot, Dolce Terra.
In March, Cass and Nick were pictured chowing down at the trendy health food cafe.
Da, da, daaaaaaaa! Perhaps this was their fave date spot to sip green juices and discuss the benefits of turmeric?

Cass also spends time at Nick's favourite local beach, Little Manly.
If you follow Nick on Instagram, you'd know that he often uploads many of his hilarious Instagram stories from both Dolce Terra and Little Manly.
So it's fair to say these two mix in the same Northern Beaches circles and could have had a meet-cute at either location.
The Telegraph also reveal the pair have attended several of the same events together, including a GoPro bash at the Boatshed in Manly last March and the most recent Fall's Festival.
If Cass is indeed the winner of Nick's heart, at least they won't have to travel far to meet up in secret over the coming months before they can go public with their romance!
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Beach buddies! Nick and his friends at Little Manly.
Beach babe Cass also enjoys spending time at the stunning harbour-side spot.

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