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The Bachelor EXCLUSIVE: 'My brother warned me,' Cass spills on her family's reaction to the dating show

Watch out Nick, Cass may have some protective brothers waiting for a home-visit grilling!

By Bettina Tyrrell
We've seen it happen in past seasons of The Bachelor, a contestant arrives having known the Bachelor or Bachelorette from the real world and together they fall madly in love -- we're looking at you Matty J and Laura and for a short time, Sophie and Stu!
So when it was revealed that Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins, our 2018 Bachelor had already met Cass, one of the lovely ladies vying for his heart, we could already feel the butterflies.
"I've socialised with Nick in the past!" says Cass.
Former Miss World Finalist, Cass, features in a new commercial for the dating show which will premiere on Wednesday 15th August. As soon as the 23-year-old lays eyes on the curly-haired Bachie, she clasps her hands over her mouth and laughs.
"Nick and I have socialised in the past," Cass tells the camera.
Although, historically having previously crossed-paths with The Bachelor bodes well for the show's contestants, Cass tells OK of her family's initial hesitance to her going on the reality dating series.
"At first, one of my brothers warned me it would be a tough thing to do, but they are all very supportive and excited for me," she revealed.
WATCH Cass realises she's met The Bachelor Nick Cummins before!
Cass has many strings to her bow. Not only was she a 2017 Miss World Australia NSW Finalist, she's studying a Bachelor's degree in Professional Accounting. We wonder if she added up how much The Bachelor contestants get paid before applying for the show?
Cass lives in Sydney's Manly, the very same town our Bachelor hails from - perhaps they previously met on the beach?
Not afraid to get down and dirty, Cass plays Rugby Sevens for Manly Mermaids Rugby Club.
According to her Instagram account, the beach babe lives a fairly enviable life, but Cass reveals she has experienced heartbreak in the past.
When asked what the biggest obstacle she's had to overcome in her life, Cass revealed to OK: "My parents' divorce."

Now Cass says she's wanting a partner who is "loving, affectionate, kind and passionate". We hope she finds what she's looking for in Nick!
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