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Romance is off the cards for Nick Cummins' highly anticipated return to reality TV - for a very good reason

Get to know Nick Cummins' current and former flames.

By Bella Brennan
Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins has certainly made a name for himself in the Aussie celebrity landscape.
After his explosive season of The Bachelor in 2018 where he picked no winner, the former footy player has kept a relatively low profile.
And that sort of includes all facets of his dating life - not that that's stopped anyone from working out exactly what the Honey Badger has been up to.
The 32-year-old ticked all the boxes as a suitable suitor. He's funny as hell, a talented rugby union player and the ultimate family man.
Opening up about his love life, the Honey Badger told The Project a few years ago that he had been in two long-term relationships.
"They say you get three loves in life. My first one, you know, probably cuts pretty deep. You're not really sure if it's infatuation or not," he said.
"And the second one — you know, it may be love. But maybe you don't understand, 'cause you're still young and inexperienced at the timings and both your lives haven't really hit the right connection, the right point."
He added: "So I suppose the third one — which — who knows, I could actually find — could be this one, where I've realised it's not infatuation, the timings of both of our lives have come to this point, and now we've connected and, hopefully, pressed forward into a happy future."
While that person certainly didn't eventuate during his whirlwind season of The Bachelor, perhaps it was just as well, because it looks as though he's well and truly moved on with another special woman in recent months.
Now, as Nick prepares to deep dive into his next reality TV appearance, we decided to take a quick look back at the Badger's relationship history.
Keep reading to meet Nick Cummins' current partner, and his ex-girlfriends.
Nick looks like he's finally settling down. (Network Ten)

The current gal: Alexandra George

In June 2020, Nick's new relationship came to light via The Daily Telegraph, after it was reported he was spending lockdown in NSW beach town Seal Rocks with Sydney socialite Alexandra George.
Friends of the couple reportedly said Nick and his new girlfriend met during a trip to the Kimberley region WA in 2019. Nick even featured in an Instagram post of Alex's that marked one year since the group of friends went on the expedition.
"Best place on planet earth 🙌🏻 #oneyear @kimberleyspirit," she captioned the photos, where Nick is visible in the first pic.
Nick is reportedly currently dating Sydney socialite Alexandra George. (Instagram)

Martine Thomassen: The one before the one

Nick Cummins was also in a relationship before The Bachelor with Norwegian art student Martine Thomassen.
They fell in love after they were introduced through Nick's brother Nathan while the Honey Badger was playing for the Western Force in Perth.
Nick and Martine, who he nicknamed "the hugs and kisses" (Aussie slang for Mrs), dated for five years before calling it a day.
Proving they're on good terms and there was no social media purge post-split, the pair are still friends on Facebook.
"I finally came to Australia and thought I was going to learn English but, bloody hell, I had to learn not only Australian but also 'Cummins', which is like a whole different story," Martine told Perth Now in 2015.
"Sometimes I'll be getting into my art and Nick will just play around with the ukulele. He has a little jam session to himself," she added.
Nick and ex-girlfriend Martine were last pictured together on social media back in 2015. (Instagram)

Danielle Scott: The fling

Nick was linked to his Tradie Underwear co-star, Danielle Scott, after their on-screen chemistry seemingly spilled over into the real world.
The Olympic aerial skier and the ex-Wallabies star sent the romance rumours into overdrive when they attended the Women's Health 2017 WINS awards together but it looks like nothing serious ever came of their rumoured fling.
WATCH: Nick Cummins and Danielle Scott star in the Tradie Underwear ad. Post continues...
Date night: Nick and Danielle attended the Women's Health Women In Sport event together last year. (Getty)

Cassandra Wood: The conspiracy theory tryst

The Bachelor contestant Cassandra Wood confirmed she and Nick knew each other in the real world before he even signed up to The Bachelor.
And things also grew all the more suss when it was revealed the 32-year-old previously dated the stunning Home and Away extra.
As per The Daily Telegraph, Nick and Cass knew each other each other for over a year and had "definitely been more than just friends."
Another friend told the publication they "were dating" before the show.
Nick and Cass both resided in the beach-side suburb of Manly in Sydney and hung out at many of the same hot-spots.
We all know what eventuated when the season came to its end - and now, it looks like both Cass and Nick have moved on quite smoothly with their own respective halves.
Nick and Cass Wood were linked before they appeared on the 2018 season of The Bachelor together. (Network Ten / Instagram)

The one-night stand

In March 2018, KIIS FM radio duo Kyle and Jackie O put the call out to their listeners to ring up if they had ever hooked up with the Honey Badger.
During the charming segment, a woman called Lucy phoned in and claimed her best friend had a one-night stand with a "well-endowed" Nick.
"Let's just say that he is not little down there," Lucy told the shock jocks before adding he was "like blown-out-of-the-water big."
"He's got a massive schlong, is what you are saying?" Kyle pressed.
"Massive c**k, [but] selfish ... didn't finish her off. She was maybe just a bit underwhelmed with what you could do with a weapon like that ... if you are given a gift from god like that, surely it's your obligation to know how to use it?" Lucy added.
That quote will forever be burnt into our brains.
Oh honey! It sounds like Mr Badger had no shortage of female attention before the show. (Getty)