The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor's Cass is spiralling out of control

She's a hot mess!

By Faye James
We've seen her confess her love from Nick while reading an empty diary, become insanely jealous when he talks to any of the other girls, yet on episode four of The Bachelor, the Cassandra Wood appears to go to the next level of 'bunny boiler'.
Labelled a 'stage five clinger' by fans, the blonde model become so intensively nervous during the cocktail party, the girls began to get distracted.
"It's hard watching him go and talk to all the other girls," she laments to the cameras.

Meanwhile Romy was trying to get cosy up to Nick but could not help but notice Cass's distress.
"I'm trying to get my flirt on with Nick. Then I see Cass's face. And she looks all nauseous… she's just a hot mess!" She says.
"Oh my god this is so distracting," Romy vents to Nick.
Then at the rose ceremony, when she's the last person to receive a rose, the absolute anguish on her face is unbearable.
Will she make it through the season? Can she cope with him talking with anyone else on the show?
Labelled a 'stage five clinger' by fans, Cass become so intensively nervous during the cocktail party, the girls began to get distracted
Having known Nick before Cass has been very open with their past history revealing they have been on a few dates in the past.
"We went on a couple of dates [before the show], maybe around three," Cass tells OK!
"Nick actually asked me out to dinner. We went to his umm… we went to a pizza place in Manly," Cass laughs.
Then Cass reveals another huge bombshell about her relationship with Nick.
"Nothing ever ended [between us]," she insists.
"It was really nice every time we were together. He was busy travelling and going overseas, and I was travelling. We always remained really good friends and tried to see each other whenever we could."

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