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The Bachelor's Nick and Cass's dating history reveals they know each other better than we thought!

Cass spills on their romantic dates and meeting The Honey Badger's family.

By OK! team
It's the Bachelor relationship we're dying to know more about, yet the pair involved, The Bachelor himself Nick Cummins and Cass Wood are keeping coy.
"Nick and I have socialised in the past," Cass told the camera on the season's premiere.
But when she caught up with OK! the 23-year-old spilled that she knew Nick a little more than just bumping shoulders in a bar. In fact, she's met his family!
Cass reveals her relationship with The Bachelor's Nick never really ended before they entered the show.

Cass and Nick's pizza and wine dates

"We went on a couple of dates [before the show], maybe around three," Cass tells OK! exclusively, before dropping a seriously hilarious bombshell.
"Nick actually asked me out to dinner. We went to his umm… we went to a pizza place in Manly," Cass laughs.
The pizza place, of course, was the same eatery he took Romy on their one-on-one date! But Nick didn't put her to work making pizza, like he did with Romy.
"But we ate lots of it," Cass says, adding, "We went there a few times. I love wine and pizza!"
So was it totally awkward when Romy returned from her date?
"It's actually pretty funny. Only Nick and I knew!" she admits.
Cass has been pegged as a "stage-5 clinger" by fans of the show. But maybe she has good reason to be so caught up in Nick!

Cass reveals: "Nick and I would open up to each other"

It was previously reported that the girls in the mansion were warning keen Cass to leave before she got her heart broken, but maybe there is more to her relationship with Nick than the pair have been letting on.
As well as many pizza and wines, Cass admits the pair have also shared many kisses. As for whether they became more intimate, Cass says she didn't want to reveal anything more 'personal' about their pre-TV romance.
"Everyone thinks he's just a funny Aussie larrikin, but he's also really sweet and smart," she tells OK!.
"We would open up to each other and share information that you'd tell someone you're really close to."
Cass, who hails from Manly, the same Sydney suburb as Nick, says she's "felt a spark with Nick" ever since they first met.
The former Miss World Finalist also has cute nickname for Honey, she calls him 'Nicko'.

Cass has met Nick's family!

Cass has met not only Nick's uncle Mike at his restaurant, but also one of his three brothers!
"I've actually met his brother once," she says.
Then Cass reveals another huge bombshell about her relationship with Nick.
"Nothing ever ended [between us]," she insists.
"It was really nice every time we were together. He was busy travelling and going overseas, and I was travelling. We always remained really good friends and tried to see each other whenever we could."
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