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Brooke Jowett speaks out over her disappointment with The Bachelor franchise

''We still have a long way to go.''

When The Bachelor franchise announced its next Bachelorette for 2020 as sister duo Elly and Becky Miles, the news was met with many reactions – surprise, shock and excitement, but also some disappointment.
Fans and past stars, most notably Mary Viturino, immediately called out the show's lack of diversity.
And now Australian Survivor star Brooke Jowett has spoken out about the issue too.
"I believe we still have a long way to go in television and media in regards to celebrating diversity but I think the shift is happening," Brooke told HuffPost Australia.
"I would love to see a culturally diverse Bachelorette for 2021."
We'd love to see Brooke as The Bachelorette. (Instagram)
The 27-year-old, whose mother is Sri Lankan and father is Australian, went on to reveal she faced racist comments from some fans after her own reality television appearance.
"During my Survivor experience, I have had a few mean tweets about my colour which astounds me," she said.
"I can't believe some people are still so behind."
She has, however, tried to see the positivity her experience on-screen has provided young viewers.
"The greatest thing to come out of my appearance on Survivor, is the fact I have become a role model for younger women.
"I have received many messages from younger culturally diverse girls who have said 'I'm Sri Lankan too!'. I love sharing that sense of pride with them."
Brooke was a challenge beast on Survivor, pictured alongside now Bachelor Locky Gilbert. (Channel Ten)
Brooke found herself drawn into many Bachelor headlines when Survivor co-star and ex, Locky Gilbert was announced as this year's leading man.
After being "joined at the hip" and becoming one another's "ride or die" during their stint on Survivor, Brooke admitted she was "blindsided" by Locky's Bachelor announcement.
"I guess we had different things planned in our heads for what was to come over the next few months," she wrote in an Instagram post at the time.
Brooke has spoken openly about her relationship with Locky. (Instagram)
Talking on popular podcast Shameless, Brooke then went on to discuss how "hurt" she had felt after the couple's plans to meet up in Bali were clearly no longer happening.
"I do feel screwed over. I do feel hurt, but Locky is just a small part of my story."
"I must say, Locky and I were not officially dating and I've tried to make that as public as I could," she added.

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